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UAT and type 1 diabetes

Hi recently diagnosed with underactive thyroid currently taking 100mcgs and seem stable according to blood results. In the months leading up to and after being diagnosed and receiving treatment my basal dose of insulin rocketed and no one could give me an answer as to why. Recently started on glucophage sr to combat the 120 plus units a day I had to take of levemir when it should be around 40 per day for my weight. Glucophage has brought me down to 74 units of levemir a day but I'm still not happy with this can any body offer help? I take levothyroxine I have read it causes insulin resistance. But what alternative is there

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Hi Louiseallen,

You could repost this and maybe someone will see it as more members seem to be available at the weekends.

Hope this helps and you get replies.

J 🍀


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