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General Haematology blood test & Iron

I have my first General Haematology appointment tomorrow morning.

I have just found the letter to double check it was tomorrow and the time of the app. whilst reading the letter fully it says in the smallest writing to arrive 10 minutes before my app in order to have a blood test.

It doesn't say what blood tests, whether i need to fast or not and whether i should carry on taking my meds/vitamins.

I am currently taking B12 & Complex once a day, VitD @ 2 a week and Iron tablets @ 2 daily. I'm due another Iron tablet a couple of hours after i finish my tea tonight and i'm not sure what to do now.

I only went back on my Iron last night after missing two doses with having a Migraine and not being sure whether i could take painkiller and Iron on the same day.

My appointment is at 9.20am and won't have enough time to ring before my appointment to check.

Can anyone give me advice on what i should do please?

Thanks :)

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For all blood tests I tend to fast, not take meds 24 hours before and stop taking supplements 5 days before simply so my test results are consistent.

In your case if you aren't fasting and still taking supplements then for all of your general haematology tests you need to do the same.

Personally I have no trust in the NHS as they have a habit of putting surprised tests on the list.


Would it be best re-arranging the appointment instead? there is an app in 3 weeks..


Personally I would - only so that I could compare all my tests.


The appointment is just to see if my Lyph nodes need looking into as they have been high and out of range since at least January. Should I still cancel it? I don't want to go if I can't get accurate results.


I was just thinking...what about if I ring in the morning and see if I can have the blood tests to do before my next appointment...it's not like there gonna have the results from it straight away anyway?



If you can get the blood test form AND get to the hospital within the next few days, then it makes no difference if you have the tests then or not.

Alternatively you can turn up exactly on time so there is no time to do the tests before hand. Though it depends when the clinic starts as they always run late.


Hi Bluebug,

I rang the hospital this morning to ask about the blood tests and they said i'd be fine to have them and to come in for the appointment.

I arrived on time and still had to go for the blood tests...I reminded them about the Vitamins i take and they said it was fine and if anything they would help my tests.


They would say that.

Remember the NHS is about saving money plus a phlebotomist and nurse don't know about nutrition.

If you are found to be within range due to having supplements in your blood stream they can write a letter to your GP saying "No further action".

You will then have to fight with your GP if you feel terrible again to get tested and then referred if the tests reveal something.

Sorry but I'm cynical due to how badly some people I know, including some of my relations, have been treated.


I got my blood results back straight away and it showed i was still over the range...i'm at 4.7 and the range is 4.0. They think it's inflammation due to my bowel problems but i need to wait till my appointment next week to find out what i have exactly as we though it was IBS but IBS doesn't cause inflammation. I have to go back to see him in 6 weeks to see if it needs any further investigating.


I'm sorry you have a horrible result.


Thank you...I think It might be something hereditary as my Nanna, Mum and one of my brothers gets it too :(

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