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I last posted just over a month ago,just after initial diagnosis of hypo .After reading reams and reams of articles and after advice on here I chose to go gluten free. That in itself has been a nightmare because it's bloody unbelievable what contains gluten! Anyway ,I am feeling generally better although still have dips in mood and energy levels .( i was buzzing after the first 2weeks but it's levelled off !) I am thinking that my dose age of 100 mcg levo thyroxine will yet have to be increased .

I was wondering if people could advise on what are the best multi vitamins to take (there are so many on the market and I don't want to do it singly ) N.B I would (unfortunately ) have to take the 50 plus version as I have just passed that milestone!

Regards lisa

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There is no best multivit. They are all a waste of money for one reason or another - either they contain things you don't want, or things that shouldn't be taken together - and never enough to treat a true deficiency.

There's no point in taking vitamins just for the sake of taking vitamins. You need to take what you need. And, in order to find out what you need, you should get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested.

All these need to be optimal - not just in range - for you body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it. Once you have optimised - or nearly - those four, you can build up the cofactors - things that work with other things. A much more scientific way of doing things, than just taking a multivit and hoping for the best. :)

God this is going to take ages ! Righto ! I might be fine (apart from the vit d which I have been given supplement for ) as I am eating very well and varied . I shall ask when I see the GP next for her to check the others .i will probably know more about the problem than she does in a flash!


You're welcome. :)

Ditto what Greygoose says, find out what you need and supplement that, forget multivitamins.


Out of interest, how low was your vitamin D?

And how much & what exactly did your GP give you to supplement?


I don't exactly know but she prescribed 12.5 ug if that means anything . I will be asking for copies of the results at my next appt mainly so I can keep track of my progress .

You're also in the recovery phase (which takes around a year) so be kind to yourself. I felt so much better I programmed in loads of social stuff, wore myself out and then relapsed in the first year or so.

So, take it slowly and don't do what I did!

Funny you should say that !!! The first week that I felt better I went out for two nights on the trot and a BBQ the next day ,at which I threw caution to the wind and stuffed my face with sausage rolls and quiche!! The next day I did not wake up until 10 am and was two hours late for work ! Lesson learned!


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