Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome specialist private or NHS in the midlands

Hi there.... I am currently having problems, after doing research and reading these forums it is related to my adrenal's / thyroid.. was looking to visit Dr Skinner but found he passed away a few years ago... can anyone recommend another specialist who recognises AFS etc... preferably in the midlands.... but will travel anywhere to get this sorted.

Many thanks

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  • What tests have you had ? Have you had the 24 Hour Saliva Tests done Privately for Cortisol ? You could have it done through Genova Diagnostics. Also the Thyroid - Number 11 through Blue Horizon. They send Test Kits to your home and results by e-mail. Used by many here ....

    Report back in a new post and people will be here to help/advise. This way things could work out cheaper than seeing someone Privately ....

  • Hi Marz, Thanks for your reply, currently trying to sort out the tests through Genova at the moment, but need a registered practitioner in which to order through, Genova have sent me a list and current making contact with them.

    Also been to the GP but have no faith in them, in for a blood test next week ,but that is only a 'standard' blood test and I am not expecting anything different to the 'normal range' response, which is pretty much the response I had about 7 yrs ago... but have suffered with 'turns' and night sweats for all that time. (I am post hysterectomy of 11 yrs ago (aged 39)... HRT didn't suit so came of it 9 yrs ago).

    All this flared up again about a month ago due to a water infection, since then not been right, suffering from disturbed sleep (been suffering for yrs), repetitive water infections, craving unhealthy foods, anxiety , depression, nervous stomach feelings, wreching, feeling of rush of hormones during the day

    Reading and researching the sites.... either thyroid or adrenals.. at the moment to try and help me through this which feels like hell, currently taking Ashwagandha, Holy Basil and AdrenoMax.. whilst I try and get some tests done which I want a 24 hr cortisol saliva test, full thyroid range blood test and a scan on my thyroid...

    As you can imagine as all on this site currently going through hell on a daily basis ... hence why reaching out to this site

  • Hi Marz, Thanks for the info have now found another link ref the ordering the tests :-) , ref the blood test through Blue Horizon which one is it ? Thyroid check PLUS 12 ???

  • Think it is 11.....

  • Yes, thyroid plus eleven is the one you want 😃

  • Thanks :-) both.... for the testing do I need to stop taking the ashwangandha, holy basil and AdrenoMAX so that gives a true result ? If so how long after stop taking should I do the test ??

  • With regard to getting a registered practitioner for the Genova test there are ways and means of getting around this problem without shelling out more money, thanks to Thyroid UK (the charity which runs this forum).

    Read this link - the whole page :

    As for giving up your supplements before testing...

    Yes, you should give them up if you can live without them for two weeks. If you can't live without them then you have to accept that your results will be affected. See these links for more details :

    Unfortunately, neither of the above links specifies whether the drugs/supplements listed raise cortisol or lower it. For any that apply to you, you would have to do some research for yourself.

    I've done adrenal stress profiles by Genova a couple of times. I take 5-HTP for depression, and I decided that nothing would induce me to stop taking it for two weeks just for a test. So I just tested anyway, despite the 5-HTP.

  • Sorry Yvette65 - do not know the answer to stopping the supps you mention .....

  • In my experience NHS do not acknowledge adrenal fatigue exists.

    You may be incorrectly medicated, or have low vitamin levels, or be gluten intolerant/ have leaky gut, especially if you have Hashimoto's

    Have you had levels of vitamin d, b12, folate and ferratin checked. These all need to at good (not just average) levels for thyroid hormones (our own or replacement ones) to work in our cells.

    Also have you had thyroid antibodies checked? There are two sorts TPO Ab and TG Ab. (Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin) Both need checking, if either, or both are high this means autoimmune thyroid - Hashimoto's.

    Be very helpful if you put a bit more info/thyroid history in your profile

  • I sympathise. Realising these things myself was the start of lots of research for me too. There are really good nutritional websites ..doctors but not drugs approaches, but do the research. I was adrenally exhausted. It isnt a quick recovery. I take Sisel international nutritional products and find them exceptional. SpectraMaxx replaces trace elements and reseveratrol supplement Eternity is amazing. Fucoidan is a nutritional supplement that really supports thyroid FuCoyDon is the product. Buying all 3 cuts the cost drastically when you buy the pack.With this problem I needed at least one pack a month, but to see real progress , being larger, I needed to use more at times. I think this is the key to recovery. I also found advice to eat a little bit of protein at most meals was good for me, but other body types may be different.

    Phillip Day's talks are also supportive and informative and he is on tour in Uk at the moment.

    See or get to me about the supplements. There isnt the equivalent in the shops.The company is all about cutting out toxins and building the immune system.

  • evette a good book is the 21st century adrenal stress by dr james Wilson .

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