I can handle a lot of my symptoms but they are increasingly getting worse. However my eyes worry me. January my optician referred me to doctor as my eye muscles were not moving coordinately. This caused blurred vision-to be expected. But my eyes have deteriorated to the point that sharpness has gone. Lights and patterns bounce about and at night when I'm tired and lying in bed I can 'feel' what can only be known as 'eye ball wobble'. I find this scary. Will my sight be a problem as time goes by???

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  • Might be worth asking for a referral to an Ophthalmologist. If your levels are not right it may affect your eyes or you may have the onset of Thyroid Eye disease.

  • Ive only had eye problems since on levo. Told gp straight away that meds interfere with my vision also wrote to British thyroid association who wrote back saying no one else had reported eye probs on levothyroxine.

  • That's not good. Mines been since the beginning of the year. Just before Christmas I lost my hearing for 4 weeks and severe pnd. Personally I think that was the kick start of my thyroid problem.

  • I have the rare day when my vision is normal and I always get excited to have a day of normality. If yours is the same as mine I carnt say that having normal levels of tsh has benefited my eyesight. The two may not be professionally accepted as being part of the same disease but for me its hard to separate the two.

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