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Hi not sure if I posted correctly!

My doc is testing for T3 and TSH. He knows I am self medicating and is fine with that.

However, am I right in thinking he should add T4 on the test at the same time. I am. 75mg and 12.5 T3.

I was hoping to get these results and post here . I think I am under medicated as I feel so tired with aches and pains. Sore eyes cold hands to name but a few .

Sorry if the previous one was posted, just realised how to post under my name Gcart!!

Thanks again for the help you give .

Edit to add: Should have put 75 levo. And 12.5 T3😐

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If you are taking T4 then yes, I would say you should be getting Free T4 tested.

You also need to get folate, ferritin, vitamin B12 and vitamin D tested and supplemented to optimal to allow your thyroid treatment to work as well as possible.

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When you want to edit your post click on the v down arrow, select edit, make your changes, click on Edit response.

Ideally FT4 and FT3 will be tested at the same time so you can see how well conversion is happening.


Thanks for getting back to me. Had bloods done this morning, nurse said "he would have asked for them if he needed them"!

I was sure I needed them to see what is happening as I take T4 and T3!

Oh well best to get them done privately, plus the other levels as I was low before and have been supplementing as advised by Seaside Susan.

I am experiencing cool blue fingers , in this weather, goodness knows how that will be in the winter. This has been a new problem since TT so I guess it's thyroid related. Also , mostly in the evening feel feet tingle and go numb, which is quite uncomfortable. I am taking B12 and B vits as suggested by Seaside Susan. Not sure if over or under treated by these.

Hope I make sense.

Try to keep optimistic re doctors, but they just don't work with the patient , I find it very hard to put my point as I now seem to get 'tongue tied' in stressful situations. 🤔😓



Well, Nursey would say that wouldn't she?!

Post your thyroid results with ranges when you have them in a new question. 75mcg Levothyroxine + 12.5mcg T3 isn't a high dose for someone without a thyroid.

It took more than a year after I was optimally medicated to stop feeling cold to the core. Hands, feet, nose and ears are usually cold but not at the moment with these 30 degree temps.

You can overdose on B12. Maybe an idea to have B12 and folate tested to check you are taking sufficient B12.


Clutter , I might just hate you a little bit !!!! It's flippin freezing and wet here 😈

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PP, it's hot and sticky 'ere, so we're likely to get a thunderstorm later.


Thank you for that Clutter . I would rather be hot and sticky than wet and cold !

If it thunders you could dance out in the rain in your birthday suit . 😱


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