NHS and ndt?

Does anyone know if theoretically drs can prescribe ndt on the NHS. I'm getting mine on private prescription from my endo as he's banned from prescribing anything other than levo. Wondering if even worth trying my (to date useless) gp. Bit confused whether it's theoretically possible or not.

Also anyone any experience re weight loss on ndt? Put a stone on prior to diagnosis and struggling to shift it.....

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  • Yes, they can. See thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

    Not saying they will though!

    As for weight loss, wish I could report a big success. That said, it's coming off again (very very slowly).

  • Thx. Don't mind it being slow as long as it goes 😂😂

  • Olsbird,

    Doctors can prescribe NDT on a named patient basis but most are reluctant to take the personal risk of prescribing an unlicensed medication. It's likely your GP will require the approval of your local CCG to prescribe NDT if s/he is willing to do so.


  • Thx

  • Have put on 3 stone whilst on Levo only since RAI in 2013. Had brief spell of self medicating on Armour July to October 2015 and lost 6lbs. Endo took me of after I had cardiac event Oct 2015 and got two stents. I felt that he panicked. Am now going back on to Nature Throid 1/4grain at present as no T3 available from anyone except in my cupboard with stock of abandoned N T!!

  • Asked my dr. She said can't prescribe it. I said she can on a named patient basis. She said she wasn't going to lose her job for me!!'

  • Endo's can prescribe too! Doctors CAN prescribe NDT but rarely do because its expensive compared to levothyroxine.

  • Medication only goes so far re weight loss, it speeds the body up but a controlled diet is needed in the same way as if you are not on meds. Slimming World helped me and I would recommend. Good luck.

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