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Feeling me positive at Last

Hi. I am a 54 year old woman, I was diagnosed 4 years ago after repeated trips to my GP with itchy skin, total exhaustion, falling a sleep at work, my skin felt like tissue paper, hot sweats, my eyebrows started to fall out from the front, my hair went thin, but worst of all was the complete feeling of being totally overwhelmed with everything, I was sent away with anti depressants, steroids for my skin also told the rash/skin thickening on my neck was 'wind burn' in the height of summer. I eventually managed to get a blood test, my GP rang me one evening and told me I had an under active thyroid and she would leave a prescription out for me. I started the tablets and had the yearly blood test, only to be told by the receptionist that 'yes your blood test was ok' Initially I did feel better, my eyebrows grew back my skin, hair and wellbeing improved, however I have not felt great recently my all the above started again, I saw 2 GP's who said 'oh the change' however the last GP agreed to send me to see a specialist, I live in Surrey and went for my NHS appointment at our small local hospital at 7pm, wonderful no need to take time off work, I saw Dr Z. I can only say he is amazing , he listened, he explained everything, he sent me for a detailed blood test, even the nurse was shocked at the length of the form, I returned to him with the results, he told me to gradually up my medication, and explained 'why' and any side affects I might feel, he said I had a severe vitamin D deficiency, which affects your moods/wellbeing and gave me supplements, I am feeling so much better in myself and just relieved that I understand whats happening and why. As I left he made another appointment to see me again.

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If you scan your results people can advise... 😊

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lovely to hear that someone has had good treatment from a doctor!!! Hope you feel lots better soon.


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