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Liquid Thyroxine - only 2 options in the UK?


Am I correct that the only two options for the above are Eltroxin (now linking to Concordia International website from the Thyroid UK page) and Teva oral solution? Although when looking on the Teva site I searched for thyroid liquid meds and couldn't see that it seemed to cover this anymore?

Any advice on the latest re Liquid T4 would be greatly appreciated...which brands are still active & any recommendations as to what's worked for you,

Thank you

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Your pharmacist should be able to tell you what liquid thyroxine is available in the UK. I know Teva no longer manufactures Levothyroxine tablets but I don't know whether or not they still manufacture liquid thyroxine.


Thank you; that's a good idea to ask them directly (sorry for slow reply)


The EMC, whilst not guaranteed to be complete, is usually pretty good for checking these things.


Thank you; very useful

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My GP prescribed liquid throxine, I had to wait a few days as no chemist had it in stock and therefore had to order it. The brand I have reccived is the Teva Oral solution. I am on a 20 day trial, today is the first day taking it and I feel GREAT.. seems so much better than the tablets.


That's great news that you've noticed such am improvement so GP wouldn't commit to switching me off Levo so I've been referred to an endocrinologist again in the hope that they can authorise such a change of prescription. I'm thinking I'll maybe see a different GP as Endo waiting list is so long.


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