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Levothyroxine and Evening Milk Drink

I am on 50mcg Levothyroxine.

Saw my GP last week and asked about taking this in the evening instead of before breakfast, GP said that is OK.

But I usually have a hot drink of milk with my last tablets just before I settle down with lights out and have been taking my Levothyroxine with this.

Is this OK or should I take my Levothyroxine earlier so as to have the half hour before my milk drink and other tablets.

I just found it inconvenient having wait for my morning coffee and breakfast.

Any help really appreciated



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Norm Levo should be taken with water only. Milk contains calcium and calcium will affect the absorption of Levo. There should be four hours between anything containing calcium and Levo. In fact calcium will most likely affect the absorption of any tablets. Best stick to water.

I take mine in the early hours of the morning when I need to get up for the loo. Avoids all the hassle of keeping Levo away from food, drink and supplements.



Levothyroxine can be taken at any time of day but should always be taken with water 1 hour before, or 2 hours after, food and drink, 2 hours away from other meds and supplements, and 4 hours away from calcium supplements, iron supplements, and vitD supplements.


What are the other tablets you take with milk and levo last thing at night?


Mirtazapine 15mg, Amisulpride 50 mg and Zapain 500mg/30mg Codine for my back pain which just helps of a night. Usually take this last thing with a hot milk then lights out.

My nights are usually quite restless so also often take herbals like valerian plus and hops.

GP did not appear concerned as to when or how the levo was taken.

Just made it easier for me.


It's not usually recommended to take Levo with other medicines such as these. Your levo works better if taken on it's own. Have you checked the Patient Information leaflet which should come with your levo?

Google for 'levothyroxine with other medications' to see more.

Also look at ThyroidUK page

Maybe your GP didn't know you were taking all these medicines at night when he said it was OK to take levo at night.


I've taken my levothyroxine a minute or two before I have my breakfast porridge and have never had a problem. Studies show reduced absorption of up to twenty percent if taken with calcium tablets which is not the same as calcium in milk. I suspect nobody knows if calcium in milk has much effect. As long as you are reasonably consistent from week to week it doesn't matter as your dose will have been titrated to you current habit. If you do switch to taking your levothyroxine with just water and it makes a difference you will need to reduce your dose to compensate for the increased absorption.


Yes, if you do the same thing the same way daily, as you say it won't make any difference. I think the empty stomach thing is pointed out so much on this forum because so many people are undermedicated, in which case it may help to take levo in a way that best facilitates absorption so you get a bit more bang for your buck.


Yes, and a few have real absorption problems and so need to follow the 'rules' strictly.


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