Is it tyroid eat people Sleep also

Hi im new here,,

I have hypothyroidism it's been more than 6yrs, I'm taking 50mcg nw...

I can't sleep i was Googling about tyroid.. Last night I found this's been a week I'm having difficulties to sleep.. just rolling on bed hours.. it's affecting my job also :( ,, is it because i have tyroid???

Like always im moody,, my boyfriend also saying im very easily getting angry these days..

Oh I don't know what to do about it..

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  • Hi, I use amino acids bland before bed time and it helps me a lot with insomnia. People from this forum (Eddie83 and rodz37) advised me to use amino acids as a sleeping pills.

    ...Other than hormone support, adequate nutritional levels are crucial. You will see many recommendations on this board regarding various vitamins and minerals. The other big one, which helped me enormously, is amino acids. Autoimmunity is often the result of a compromised gut. When your gut is compromised, you aren't digesting food well. That is doubly true for protein foods; the human gut is not very powerful in that regard. Many NDs will recommend the single amino acid (tryptophan/5HTP) for sleep, but I've found that is not adequate; I use a preparation of 9 free essential amino acids. It's like taking a knockout sleeping pill, but without side-effects...

  • Hi all I too cannot sleep can you give me some advice where to get the amino acid from please as insomnia driving me insane thanks

  • Hi Bellmitzi, yes, I know how you feel. I'm not in England, but I don't think it's a problem to buy amino acids in any pharmacy store, sport shops or on line. But maybe your problem is not only that. Please post your thyroid blood test to be sure you are not under or over medicated.

  • Aw I will have to post again I have put them on last time my ferritin was only 19 my vit D was low too I'm on b12 and now after complaining to my gp that my levels were low they did put my on 220 day ferrous Fumarate did start to feel better but last two weeks very tired full of aches and just cannot sleep thanks for taking time to reply much appreaciated I will try my local pharmacy thanks

  • Hi Bellmitzi, you have very serious vit deficiency. Please post separately all your thyroid blood test results, not under AnithSims post, than more people can help you. Big hug

  • Thanks I will post later as got my little grandson at mo x

  • Olgadimitri, I have terrible problems with sleep and am very interested how to use amino acids for this. Could you possible advise which ones do you use? Any info would be so appreciated!

  • Yulia, I take 2 or 3 capsueles of amino acids bland and triptophane/5HTP just before to go to sleep, like sleeping pills. People from this forum adviced me that and it's work for me. Please ask Eddie83 and rodz37 about amino acids, they are the great experts in that. I also take a walk on step mashing for 20 - 30 minutes just before go to bed, I think it reduces my anxiety.

  • "NOW Amino-9 Essentials" product. It contains the 9 free essential amino acids plus 5HTP

  • AinthSims, please post you thyroid blood test results here and many experience people will help you to find the root of the problem.

  • Also put the ranges with your results as they differ from lab to lab

  • Thanks I have put them on but I can't find them now will have to do again x

  • Amino acids can help. Some blends either contain magnesium or you can take magnesium (citrate) as it works as a cofactor. Another thing to check is your levels of B12 and other B vitamins. I didn't start cracking my insomnia / irregular sleep until I was getting enough B vitamins in conjunction with Magnesium and other (hard to absorb) minerals. B12 is especially relevant as it is a big molecule that needs optimum conditions in the stomach (strong acid and the right enzymes) to actually get absorbed. If you're not digesting things well (getting bloated is a sign) then it's worth thinking about taking a digestive enzyme which contains Betaine-HCl with your protein meals. Hard to digest proteins plus alcohol (due to all the metabolic processes required to break it down) is a recipe for insomnia!

  • Getting angry a lot is also a symptom of low B12...

  • Funny enough I flew off the handle last nite like a rage I never do my son got up and asked was I over few dishes lol I'm not like this thanks for taking time to reply

  • I feel like a rage when my TSH>1

  • Aww thank you for taking time to reply I am suffering with terrible heart burn symptoms worse when I lay down I will look for my bloods and request my latest results too I get b12 injections I'm now on ferrous Fumarate 220 daily as ferritin was only 19 vit D was on low someone on here said but gp said fine also said the same about ferritin levels and I was too weak to stand thanks again

  • Ok, please get onto the PA Society forum, or even just ask them for help and consider joining as a member of the charity. You probably need more than 3 monthly dose of B12 - there are many people who need a lot more..

  • At the start I was fine after having the b12 now I don't even feel a difference at at I will go on the P A. Thanks for taking the time to reply

  • I'd check that your heartburn isn't anything sinister with your GP (if it's a new thing, or has got significantly worse). Bear in mind that antacids prescribed for heartburn have a significant impact on our ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

    T3 levels are something worth checking too - that's Free T3, Reverse T3 and Total T3 as many on this forum have conversion problems due to gut issues which often co-exist with Pernicious Anemia.

    In the meantime it may be worth looking into taking probiotics (Trust Me I'm a Doctor did a programme about them) as the theory is that a lot of autoimmune problems start with the gut along with genetic factors.

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