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Thyroid cancer

Hi everyone. I am wondering if having had my thyroid removed because of cancer, I follow the same protocol as people with hypo issues with a thyroid? I am currently waiting the 6 weeks to retest having added T3 (Greek) . My Gp is supporting me by doing the tests knowing I am self medicating the T3. I lowered my thyroxine and added T3. However I feel awful. I know I must wait the next week to see what effect I addition is having.. Am I being dumb or are they the same issues I face. I was given good advice by HU and will post next blood results for your very good knowledge. Thanks for all the help you offer on this site

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It's the same procedure for everyone when adjusting medication and dose.

What were your TSH, FT4 and FT3 before you started T3. How much did you reduce your Levothyroxine by, and how much T3 did you add?


Hi. TSH0.07. (0.27-4.20)

FT4. 19.14. (12-22)

FT3. 3.63. (3.1-6.8)

I was taking 100mg levothyroixine

No guide from Doc. So did 75mg levothyroixine and added 12.5 T3. Started 4 weeks ago.

Last week or so not well .

I have taken advice and am dosing iron and b12 as pointed out on last post. Not sure as yet how those levels are.

Thanks for getting back to me . Much appreciated. ☺️



What symptoms have you developed in the last week?


Sorry you're not well. May I ask how you're feeling awful? And when it changed? You could be on a little too much medication but considering how low your t3 was you might be fine. Or it could be the reduction of levo is affecting you. When I have reduced levo in preparation to increase t3 I've felt very anxious.

Do you know if your Greek t3 is time-release or not?

My only other thought is that you seem not to be converting your levo very well and if the combo doesn't suit you might feel better on t3 alone. That can remain a plan b while you figure out the right t3/t4 combo for now.


Greek T3 (assuming you mean Uni-Pharma - the only one I know of) is not time release.


I am breathless with least effort. , tired but waking often for weeing 3pr 4 times in night. Headache, with 'full' feeling in head. Feel like i did before op in Feb. At that time I was told bloods normal. 😃😃 . Felt awful like now . Tried to obtain those results from the hospital but not succeded . I will post next results after 30th aug.


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