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Hot flushes and tips to cool down

Hi all,

Just read an old post by someone that used to pop their feet in a cold bucket of water while at work, but was getting into trouble with H&S for water/PC cables...

So here's my solution to overheating feet and if you make a smaller one, heads too.

Have you tried the ice water bottle (reverse of a hot water bottle)

I use a large empty shop bought water bottle like Volvic as its square so won't roll. I drink the water cos I'm a skinflint.

Then refill with tap water three quarters and shove into the freezer until frozen.

When I need to use it I top it up with a little bit more tap water but not completely full, cap back on and then pop into a pillowcase. Hey presto instant cold feet at work or in bed!


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I'm sure I've read somewhere that nettle tea helps, but you'd need to google / check.

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I use a flexible ice pack from the freezer wrapped in a teacloth.


It's a great idea, which I will certainly pass on to others. My feet and hands have been cold all my life.. when I have had hot face flushes the cold hands have come into their own. At the moment whilst my health has been improving, hands and feet feel just right... x

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