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Praise for 5htp!

Hi guys, just an update on 5htp since we've been talking a little about it on the threads recently:

I didn't realise just how much work it was doing until I stopped taking it!

I didn't take the supplement for a month and my god! It was emotionally THE WORST pms/period I've had for a couple of years (since I started taking it). All that crying, freaking out at the boy, self hate... urgh!!! as if just the extreme pain wasn't bad enough. This month I actually had to take about 3 days off work, so it's pretty much up there on "worst periods ever" scale- may be I should give it a medal??

The migraines also started coming back and I had to take sumatriptan again (again not taken one for months).

So, for those who are on the fence about it for mood and headaches, I'd highly recommend trying. I stopped taking it accidentally (and didn't bother resourcing because emotionally I was so much better on ndt) but apparently it's one of those "you don't miss it till you don't have it" things.

(For those interested in using it as a sleep supplement- sleepwise it didn't affect me much but I've been travelling and taking melatonin and also ashwagandha root really helps me sleep.)

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Thanks for posting. I'm glad you find it helpful and I hope you don't have such a bad month again.


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