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I was on 3 grains in the summer and it didn't work for me. I tried one grain and even half a grain and it stillI gave me violent stomach ache. You can ready my previous posts this past year for the different problems I have had. My private specialist was useless and my GP not interested. Prior to NDT I had been on 200mcg Levo and that gave me new symptoms and made my existing ones much worse. I had put on nearly four stone and couldn't shift it despite not having much of an appetite for a long time. I was a mess. I took matters into my own hands as I was at my wits end. I stopped NDT completely and didn't take anything for about two months. Then I ordered T3 without prescription and followed my own instincts and started taking 50mcg a day and increased to 75mcg. I have now lost TWO STONE!! YES TWO STONE! I am feeling much better and at last I am starting to feel as if I am getting me back again. You will get there.

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  • Good morning, It's great to hear your good news story and I'm so pleased for you. It backs up my long held and firm beliefs about thyroid disease - firstly everyone is different and we must keep an open mind about the correct treatment for each individual, and secondly that symptoms come way ahead of any numbers from a test tube in finding the correct diagnosis and treatment.

    Dr. Lowe told my daughter years ago to just increase her T3 until her symptoms reduced or disappeared. Doing so has kept her alive 11 years until we have now found the cause of her thyroid illness. It's not for everyone, but it's worked for her.

    I hope you go from strength to strength.

    Jane x

  • please would you tell me also where you get the T3? I have been prescribed some but want to supplement with my own.

    Thank you

  • Where did you purchase T3 from? many thanks Beckx

  • I will send you a pm.

  • please do x

  • Delighted to hear your good news. Please PM me where you got your T3 too. Thanks.

  • Could you pm me too. :0)

  • Hi,

    I am really glad you are feeling much better. Can you tell me what NDT stands for? I have just started my investigation into underactive thyroid - I am amazed and very impressed at the literiture and support. I am sure that both myself and my daughter are not making enough T3..... Gill

  • NDT stands for natural dessicated thyroid. One of the well known ones which I took was called Armour. Erfa is another one as well but I never took it.

  • so glad to hear you are feeling better on t3, would you pm me with the details of where you got it from please. I am taking NDT but still not feeling as well as I would like so would really like to try an alternative. xx

  • Thanks for telling your experience. Currently I am transitioning from NDT to T3 but my doctor wants to do it slow. I have enormous improvement in energy and mood but not in my weight. How long it took you for your weight to start decreasing?

    Thanks xxx

  • I have lost two stone in two months. I have always had a small appetite so when my weight ballooned to nearly 13 stone from 9 stone and its been like that for nearly ten years. I would put on several pounds in one night. I could only wear size 22 tent dresses. It was blatantly obvious I had a problem. Interestingly I tried to diet in early Sept this year and for nearly a month I was only eating salads and veggies but I didn't lose any weight at all. As soon as I started 25mcg there wasn't much difference but as soon as I upped it to 50mcg and then 75mcg the weight fell off rapidly and continues to fall off rapidly and I feel very well indeed.

  • My face had also ballooned and as I am only small in height I looked like I had a big round face on a small very overweight body but not any more.

  • I am very happy for you! Sounds like the perfect treatment that suits u. I am currently taking 120 NDT and 20 mcg T3. My doctor said to lower my NDT to 60 and increase T3 to 30 in 2 more weeks. I feel that is too long. I really wanna do it sonner. My weight increased 13 kgs since i became hypo and I am only small build as well. It just looks strange and wide. Sometimes I feel that this is not my body.

  • I know how you feel. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and thought I would never get to wear my lovely smaller size clothes again. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel for all of us. I just chose to listen to my own instincts in the end as I had become very depressed and felt like I was in somebody else's body.

  • That is brilliant new, I am so pleased for you. It's so nice to hear stories like yours because it gives everyone hope! I just put in an order for T3 last week so fingers crossed. Have tried T4, NDT And T4+ NDT made me nauseus. Who did you order your T3 through and do you have hashimotos? x

  • I have just started looking into thyroid problems. I have had blood tests which have come back negative, but I still think I have a thyroid problem. Where can you buy NDT and T3 from? My doctor says I have Fibromyalgia but all my symptoms point to Hypothyroidism!

  • Congratulations! It's so nice to hear. Can you please pm me with details of how to get T3?

    Many thanks, x

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