Hi I just wondered if anyone can give me some advice. I take 75mg of Levothyroxine a day for under active thyroid. However I want to start taking L-Lysine 1000mg per day together with vitamin c and zinc. Does anyone else use any of these supplements or do you know if they are safe to take together? Your input would be greatly appreciated thank you so much.

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One site finds no interactions between L-Lysine + Levothyroxine while another does.

Supplements should be taken two hours away from Levothyroxine to reduce the chance of interaction and affecting absorption.

Thank you for that. It is really helpful. I think I will try them and see how I go.

Sorry - am being nosy :-) Why are you taking L-Lyseine ? I take it as I have Tarlov Cysts - for which there is no known cure - and that was the suggestion ! Just wonder what else it is good for ?

It's also good for preventing cold sores. Goes well with vitamin c for sorting out skin issues.

Thank you Jazzw. Tarlov Cysts also have their origins in the herpes virus - it is thought. The Tarlov Cysts grow in the nerve sheaths and can become very large. Mine are in the sacrum but fortunately small. Not painful at the moment.

Thank you for replying Marz. I keep getting cold sores. Someone I know suggested it. Not sure what Tarlov Cysts are. I hope that you don't suffer to much with them. Horrible when we get these things and there isn't any cure! Do you also take Levothyroxine with the L-Lysine? If so what dose?

I am a T3 only girl. Cysts seem under control. They were picked up on an MRI here in Crete after spinal surgery in Germany.

Thank you Marz that's really helpful.

JewelsP - also being low in Ferritin - Folate - B12 - can compromise the efficiency of the immune system and be the cause of persistent infections.

Thank you Marz. It's a minefield really isn't it knowing what to take and what not to. I try to eat a healthy diet but in the UK you wonder how much goodness is left in the food we eat as most of the food here isn't home grown which annoys me!

Sadly being custodians of the soil is something that is no longer respected. Am sure the organic folk are doing their best - but the soil is so depleted unless lovingly cared for :-)

Our veg here in Crete is very fresh - and yes there are organic markets. Just hope they can keep Monsanto and their poisons out of Europe ....

So true Marz. Crete must be a lovely place to live. Thank you again for replying.

I take 500mgs most days.It complements VitC (see Linus Pauling)I think I started originally as it is supposed to be good for anxiety.Not come across contra-indication before.Groan.Life is just too complicated.Used to take inositol(biotin) for same reason til I came across negative stuff.Just ordered B5 for stress to take alongside the B1,B2,B6 & B12 I already take.

Thank you for that Naomi8. I agree it is so difficult. I will give it a go and see if it helps. I didn't realise that it could also be used for anxiety that's interesting. Hope the B5 helps you.

Are you stable on your levothyroxine? And do you know what your blood results are?

I have to say that I think its probably mostly dangerous to your bank balance to take a collection of remedies that someone has said might be helpful for this or that symptom. And I am no less of a sucker for a magic remedy than anyone else. But none of them have really lived up to their promise.

Zinc taken by itself without a clearly demonstrated deficiency can upset your copper balance which is bad news. You would be better to research what zinc rich foods you might add to your diet.

If your doctor hasn't already tested them ask for B12, Vitamin D, ferritin and folate to be tested. Or you can do the tests privately via Blue Horizon. If they are all good (not just normal) then the next step might be a hair mineral analysis.

I do agree.I was recommended DIm for oestrogen dominance,by a site that advises nutritional supplements & avoids for peopele with MTHFR.I took it twice.Both times I had a reaction as if I had caught the Novovirus.I thought I had the first time.Weeks later & an identical reaction & the pills were in the bin.

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