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Help needed

Hi everyone

This is my first post I had some bloods done 3 months ago and results were

TSH 6.2 (0.35-5)

T4 12.4 (9-24)

B12 509 (200-900)

Ferritin 59 (15-250)

Doctor said all normal range but would repeat soon

Latest result came back TSH 4.2 so that's good but I'm still feeling so tired also found out my gallbladder needs removing as lots of stones.What do you clever people on here think ? I have cut down my work hours but still no more energy

Thank you in advance


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Hi Pennyb8 Are you on any thyroid meds?

Were both those tests taken at the same time of day?

The best time to have a blood draw for thyroid tests is first thing in the morning having fasted overnight (water only), breakfast when you get back home. That gives a higher TSH than later in the day and is useful when looking for a diagnosis of hypothyroidism or an increase in meds when symptomatic.

The first set of tests would indicate hypothyroidism due to the over range TSH (although could be due to another case which is why the test is repeated) but many doctors won't diagnose until TSH reaches 10. Your second test shows TSH at top of range so your thyroid would seem to be struggling.

Your ferritin is low. Best place is half way in range. You could do with supplementing with iron, and with each iron tablet take 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption and help prevent constipation. If you are taking thyroid meds take the iron 4 hours away from them and any other supplements as it affects absorption.

Your B12 isn't too bad, it needs to be at least 500, lower than that and there's a risk of neurological problems. The Pernicious Anaemia Society recommends 1000 so you could supplement with Jarrows or Solgar sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges 1000mcg might be enough (or you could take 5000mcg for a couple of months for a real boost then drop down to 1000mcg). When taking B12 we need a B Complex to balance the B vits, look for one that contains methylfolate rather than folic acid.

It might be an idea to have Vit D tested as well, I notice on the lung forum (I have COPD too) that you've mentioned leg pains and this might due to low Vit D. If you can't get it done through your GP then you can get a fingerprick blood spot test to do at home, £28 from City Assays (you'll find them easily on Google).

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Thank you for your help I don't take any thyroid medication and the first test was done early morning after fasting the next one which was lower was done after lunch I did have my vitD tested it was 76 (75-200) which doc said was fine also potassium was5.5 he said slightly high I have put on so much weight and am tired all the time and am will to try anything will sort out what you have suggested already and hope it will improve



Pennyb8 If you'd had your second test done early morning then chances are it might have been closer to the result of the first one, it would certainly have been higher, if not over the range. Is your GP going to keep an eye on it?

Your Vit D is in the replete range but it's best at 100+ ( but not more than 150). You might want to think about supplementing with D3 to give it a boost, 2,000iu daily throughout the winter and then retest in the spring to ensure you don't get too high. If you supplement with D3 you'll need K2-MK7 as well. Vit D aids absorption of calcium and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth rather than arteries and soft tissues. Magnesium is also a cofactor and most of us are low in magnesium so take that as well.

I don't know anything about potassium but is your GP going to keep an eye on it?

I think with your symptoms and your first blood results you are well on the way to hypothyroidism. Give it a little while and ask for your thyroid tests to be repeated. Your GP probably won't do it for 2-3 months. Make sure it's first thing and fasting and if your TSH is high again push for a trial of thyroxine. And while these are being done ask for the tests Slow Dragon has mentioned, including thyroid antibodies.

Do let us know how things go.


Well, that just goes to prove that TSH lowers as the day goes on and after eating! Thank you for that demonstration!

You should always have your tests done at the same time of day and under the same conditions : early in the morning, fasting over-night, just drink water, breakfast after the test. That way, you will not only get your TSH at it's highest, you will also be able to compare them. There is no comparison between the two you have there. But, doctors have absolutely not idea about all that, so don't make allowances.

Even so, in both tests you were actually hypo, it's the ranges that are wrong. You are hypo as soon as your TSH hits 3. And your FT4 was very low. But, doctors... They like your TSH to be well over range - even up to 10! And I don't think they even look at the FT4.

Are you going to get another test? It would be advisable as soon as possible. And ask for your antibodies to be tested, as well as your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. You need a clearer idea of what's going on.

Gall stones are a symptom of hypo. I think most of us have had our gall bladders removed.


If you have longstanding low vitamin D, this can lead to secondary Hyperparathyroidism, which might be reason for gall stones.

Ask GP to test calcium, Vit D, potassium AND parathyroid hormone at the SAME time

Low Vit D can be result of hidden gluten intolerance or coeliac. Can have blood test for coeliac, but very difficult to test for gluten intolerance. Best is to just try GFree diet.

If you have thyroid antibodies tested for and comes back high, then this is Hashimoto's - then more likely that gluten could be issue


Thanks for all your replies my doctor said everything is fine after my second test but after your comments I think I will go back and ask for another test and make sure it's an early fasting one will let you all no how I get on



If you can not get GP to do these tests, then like many of us, you can get them done privately

Blue Horizon - Thyroid plus eleven tests all these.

This is an easy to do fingerprick test you do at home, post back and they email results to you couple of days later.


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