Where to get very fine needle insulin syringes?

Hello, peeps!

Well, according to the questionnaire, and having spoken to the man himself, Dr C, from this site: b12d.org/ , I am now about to try the B12 injections. God and all the saints and the spirits of all my beloved furry, four-legged (or so) persons passed on help me!

The neuro rehab consultant very sweetly and kindly and unhesitatingly told me, in sugared terminology, to eff off with regards to more than once a month for 3 months. What is it with these f... er, these doctors? Why do they think they are the fonts of all knowledge when what they know is merely the tip of the iceberg? They spend years and years and years looking at a grain of sand and think they comprehend the beach in all its glory. One of these days I'm going to blow. Good style.

So the GP, who smiles with cold teeth, sitting there in her iron knickers, travelling at speed down her narrow tramlines of knowledge, will be prepared to do as the neuro-rehab-sugar-mouthed-dickhead says, deaf to all but the entrenched and arrogant ignorance of her equally iron-pantied, anally-clenched cohort. I HATE THEM!

Sorry for shouting.

Virtually all the symptoms of B12 deficiency cross over with ME, (which I now learn is distinct from …) CFS (which is a bucket diagnosis for ‘can’t be arsed to read the symptoms and make a proper diagnosis – must be neurosis because I, Medical God, cannot be wrong’) and hypothyroidism/insufficiently prescribed thyroxine/wrong effing thyroxine prescribed in the first place/syndrome.

So, once I get the B12 under control, and remain on the LDN (by the way, I've dropped back down to 3.5mg a day – I really am a wee thing beneath the blubber) then I can turn my attention back to … T3. Again.

Rant cycle over. Question cycle beginning…

Can anyone tell me where to get very fine very short-needled insulin syringes from, please? (8mm in length will do nicely). Have asked on PAS but am trying to double my opportunities for replies!

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Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but just wanted to give you a round of applause for the invective. (And no, I'm NOT being sarcastic.)

If you aren't writing "angry woman" blogs or articles for the newspapers you missed your calling. :)

I second this notion! So well written, do you write? I'd certainly read your blog if you did. :-)

I can also relate directly - undiagnosed PA, Celiacs Disease, an unnamed autoimmune disorder that picks of my peripheral nerves, 2 bells palsy's, Fibro, CFS and the list goes on .....

My neurologist put me on Methotrexate with a 5mg folic acid (side effects catcher) for 6 years treating the symptoms and ignoring every plea, rant, informed article, researched piece info I presented to investigate the root cause ...

B12 -- PA - I now know :-)


I very nearly lost my 's!!t' when I informed him I was loosing my hair from the Methotrexate (common side effect) just before I was getting married ... Livid I and almost bald I was pleading for an alternative medication.

"His retort, there is nothing wrong with being bald !!! Look at me .."

My fiancee knowing my firey nature, ducked and winced as he said it ---- as I BLEW a FUSE (while sobbing because my mood swings were so serve extremes caused emotional meltdown).

Stupid Drs (not all, but ohhh too many of them are)

Haha! not sure where that rant came from. You inspired me :-)

I get my syringes from hyperdrug.co.uk -- farm supplies, fraction of the cost and exactly the same insulin needles :)

Why, thank you. I think!

I was saying, in a roundabout way, that I liked your post very much indeed and I think you have a lot of talent. :)

Oh, I got it, and am rather chuffed at the compliment. But then I thought about being an angry old bat!

I'm one too. But I usually sit and seethe because I don't know how to express my rage.


Are these of any help to you... medisave.co.uk/b-d-insulin-... I use Medisave and delivery has been quick.

I sent this reply a while ago, but it has been erased for some reason... I have purchased from Medisave and been happy with their service medisave.co.uk/b-d-insulin-...

Oh crickey, it seems that my responses are being deleted and then reposted, apologies for the repeated response.

hi, Rebekah - and thanks, but this os for 0.3ml. I'm after a 1.0ml with the same gauge and length of needle.

Ahh..sorry. Medisave do many different sizes, so hopefully they will have them. I buy these 1.0ml but they are 0.33 (29G) x 12.7mm medisave.co.uk/bd-micro-fin...

I think I'm going to have to go for these, but my horror of needles makes them rather scary, even at 1/2"! The best ones are nearly a third of this length, would you believe, but they are sold ... guess where? A-bl**dy-merica.

Sorry, that should read nearly half the length of these.

I hope you get on okay with them. I'm not a fan of needles but I am so used to these now that I have no problems with them. I've noticed that Medisave have a 'contact us' facility at the top of the page. I would contact them to see if they have the the ones that you need :)

Going to try - never noticed that!

If the 'rules of engagement' are the same in the UK as Canada, you can buy syringes from the pharmacy. You can even volunteer to the pharmacist that you need it for B12. Over here a person can pick up a bottle of B12 without prescription. Cheap.

Guess what? They're not!

tsk! Here one reason is so injecting drug addicts don't use dirty needles

That's called an intelligent response to a societal problem. We don't seem to have the capacity here in the UK!

Ha Ha! I got about half way through and thought I recognised the style!!!!

And it looks like Ebay, or Amazon will be your friend!

Can't find them on Amazon- never thought of eebygum.

Ebay might just turn out to be my friend, along with you. xx

Oh, I just got what you're saying! 😁

Nope. the 29g refers the the gauge - I would prefer a 30g, and the lenght is too long at 12.7mm. I want at the most 8mm. and these are for 0.5ml, not 1ml. But I really appreciate your trying - and getting an idea of how nuts this is driving me!

I've ordered some - from Korea! Now, i am a bit leery about ordering from - well, Korea, but I've looked at the FDA website and they approve and I've looked at the seller's feedback (on, where else, Ebay!) So I'm risking it. 1ml, narrow gauge, very short needle. Euch! The thought of it makes my stomach flip!

I've found this site also, but it maybe no good to you now good since you have already ordered some. Over on the right of the page there is a table with product code/size/colour etc. It has 1ml x 30g x 8mm but it states you need to contact them catalogue.bunzlhealthcare.c...

B*gger! And how the heck did you ever find this? You're amazing.

Sometimes I'm super sleuth ;) :)

OK, Miss Marple, you have my absolute respect. It's made me feel sick, trying to find that today. I've cancelled the first order and emailed the co. So you've had a massive, positive impact on me and my fear. You're a love. 😘

You're very welcome :-D

I've ballsed-up. I cancelled the Korean order only to subsequently discover - Bunzledoodah don't sell them! Sigh.

What about Medisave S. Maybe try them again. What the frig is Bunzledoodah.

You're some craic,

J 👍

Bunzlewhatsit - the link Rebekah gave me!

Ah, I see it now, why are you not in bed S,

J x

That's a bit of bummer! I've found these on eBay ebay.co.uk/itm/BD-Micro-Fin... I think they are from the UK

Aaaaaargh! You did find them, Jane! I love you, super sleuth!!!

Good luck with them and don't be too afraid to inject...it will be worth it :)

I'll try! And thank you again. xxx :)

Well, I for one think you are amazingly brave! Needles!!!

My husband injects the diabetic cats when we look after them. I don't know what I would do if I had to self inject. I suppose we can get used to anything, but.....

Believe me, I don't think I'll get my anus prized from my tonsils, my buttocks are clenched so tightly at the prospect! 🤐

My GP provided these, his position was that the NHS provides them for heroin addicts and therefore can no refuse them to inject b12. I moved to Wales and my GP here also provided them plus a sharps bin! Hope that helps.

Not really, unless you want a border? :)

why don't you live in the UK? Have you tried asking your GP for needles? Mine refused B12, no medical grounds in NICE opinion, but as I said couldn't refuse to provide me with the means because HIV and AIDS means they must provide clean needles.

I do live in the UK. I actually hadn't thought of asking the GP since she knows me and knows I will not need them for heroin, but the argument is sound. I'll give it a go - but I know Iron Knickers, who incidentally prides herself on being an alpha female!

Just say that if you were a heroin user she d provide them and you need clean needles and a way of disposing of them safely - another good point - and you know other GPS do it. My GP also got the practise nurse to show me how to inject safely. If you don't like iron knickers make an appointment with a different GP, u don't have to ask her. Good luck.

Thanks - I've decided to change GPs, by the way. Sick of her. :x

Schenks, your posts make me laugh so much. You are a blast of fresh air in a stuffy world. 😂😄💐

I never understood how one could make friends online before being on this site, but I do now! Thank you. 😁😘


I regularly buy different syringes and needles from my vet. They have a card of samples on the counter and I just point and say 3 of those and two of those please. They are exactly the same as medical ones, sterile etc. They go from tiddly hair breath to elephant size and the syringes go from 1cc to ones you could use to ice cakes!

I should add that I farm, I am not really a needle perv! I recently had to anaesthetise the floppy bits at the back of a sheep to stuff her womb back where it belonged. Can life get any better than this? :)

Love your writing!

Not quite sure what to say! Er, thanks, though. Doubt the vet will play ball, but worth a go ... I think!

Hi there, I use these syringes for mag and B12 injections. They're ordered through Amazon and do the job well and are competitively priced. :-)


Thank you for this - I will have to resort to them if I can't get hold of the 30g, 8mm needles on the 1ml syringes. I'm such a wuss that the shorter and finer the needles, the less nutty I will drive myself!

These needles are really fine. I inject into my quads and give them a good massage first, this warms up the muscles so the insertion of the needle isn't felt. It also stops any stinging from the magnesium sulphate. The B12 doesn't sting when being injected and is much easier to administer. :-)

Aaaaaargh! (That was a scream). Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaargh! ... Nope. Aaaaaargh!

Schenks , I love you to bits . You have given me a belly laugh which was much needed 😀

When you finish being " needled will you start that book ?

X Pp

The feeling is entirely mutual, pinkiewinks! And, you witch, you've planted a seed in my brain that insists on sprouting a wee bit every day! 😘😁🤔

Haha Schenks don't sprout too much get it down on paper or pc before your brain gets overgrown . 🌹 😘

Tell you what, I'll write it if you'll read it.

I would certainly buy it and read it Schenks . I pity the poor proof reader whose vocabulary would certainly be extended lol x

Er, I wasn't thinking of you buying it - rather, test-running it first!

No problem you would have plenty of takers there . 😀

You are a ❤

I just had a thought , wouldn't it be nice if we each put a pic of ourselves online , a sort of rogues gallery and we would know who we were talking to.

Then I thought perhaps not 😉

I think that would be both a nice idea and a scary one. What if we looked completely different to what we imagined?

We could always do what I believe they do on dating sites . Put a glam pic of some other person . Lol x


I am pmsl great post I just had to say

I wasn't sure whether to be sorry or pleased for you with pmsl, until I worked out exactly what the hell you meant! And I'm flattered, thank you. 🤓

What is pmsi my brain is asleep ?

Hahahaaa Pp,

I had to ask that very question recently.

It means Pee myself, usually with laughter,

J 👍

Thanks Jose . I have been known to do that myself lol !

😀 Pp

Haven't we all Pp. I couldn't work it out for the life of me. Thought it was Please May Something or other.

Failed miserably and eventually had to ask for a translation.

It's all fun, isn't it?

J 😊

Pmsl !!

Hi my Dear,

J xx

I can't find your post, Pastille, about suggesting I go to the the needle exchange and blag a few needles - I know you posted it because it's in my inbox, so I can only assume someone saw fit to delete it. However, in response to your question about why not get needles from there:

Oh yes, I can see it now. Up, among the line of skeletal haunted-eyed people with ravaged arms and needle marks in their groins and bits and bobs and between their toes, pops I; a small, fat dumpling of a woman, bustling along with her boobs before her and her a*se behind like a galleon in full sail saying, "move along, move along, - I'm in for a 1ml, 30 gauge microfine with an 8mm needle for my sububcutaneous B12 ... er, no, er heroin ... which I'm going to mash-up with a bit of vitamin B12 just to give it a kick. And oh, and while your at it, slip me one of those sharps bins for me disposables, or I'll be spreading Hep B all round the ... kitchen, as I share me ... knife and fork as I er, get stoned on Mars Bars whilst feeding the dogs. From my own plate! Oooh, I lead a racey life! Come on now, deal me a pack, wotcha waiting for, ain't got all day, got me dealer to PayPal ... email, er to ring, no, er ... to ... just gimme me needles, you effing ... I'm getting withdrawal symptoms - me hand's going numb! I'm on the edge ... I feel like a poo! I need tea, damn you!"

Not sure it'd work, to be honest.

OMG Schenksy , are you sure it's not heroin you are on ? X

God, I hope not!

Nah, can't be. Too fat and still like eating!

Pmsl !! got me dealer to paypal ! You are too funny Schenks , I blame the thyroid that you missed your way :)


No idea what those emoticons are supposed to be, but ... ;) :-/ xx

Well the 1st one is from some poor creature who has half a thyroid problem. ie; only 1 eyebrow missing.

The 2nd is from some poor creature that has something stuck up her/ his bum.


J x

PS; by the way in Ireland we say " the poor crature" 🍀


It is indeed Jose . They say laughter is the best medicine and dear Schenks certainly does it for me ! 😆


Me too Pp, she is a tonic to many, and she doesn't even realise that she is so comical.

Bless her.

Keep well Pp.

J x

Good Lord Jose , what time do you go to bed ?

I went late for me and have lain awake all night wondering if the fridge freezer that is coming today is going to fit in the space 😱.

You take care , I hope your blood test was ok !

X Pp

Well? did it fit?

You are so sweet. Being funny and being me are not two things I have ever connected, to be honest!

Ah, but it's so true S, write a blog like a few members have done and lots of us would follow it.

J x

Gosh. I don't know what to say. Other than thank you, which sounds a bit trite, but is very much from the heart. x

Check out LizzieMaybe on this forum.

She wrote a blog and wrote wonderfully.

Thinking about you and your injections S.

J x

I was late last night Pp, about 1.30am I think.

My sleep has improved greatly since I added in a little T3 to Levo, and better still I wake refreshed for the 1st time in years and years.

Long may it continue. I put my Thyroid results in a post and they are optimal.

There are a few stars in my full blood profile with HG at 16.1 (11.5-16) and a few other things.

I will ask for comments later as I have an app to see GP Monday.

Hope your fridge freezer fits ok and that you don't have to chop a big bit of the bottom, lol

J xx

Haha Jose it wasn't the height it was the width . It fits fine thank goodness .

Glad things are working out for you .

X Pp

Oh, just seen this. Glad it fits!

Thank you Pp and the best of good health to you too.

J 🍀

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