Thyroid Hormone Resistance

I have just read Hugh A. Hamilton's book "Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone (Thyroid Hormone Resistance)" which focuses on the subject of ISTH - Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormon and found it to be really good read. Most of it is explained in laymans terms and there are references at the end of each chapter to follow up on.

Hugh happens to be our very own Sandy12 who doesn't appear here much but I believe he is still a member.

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  • Yes, I read this a while ago too - after spotting Sandy mentioning it on another post from way back. It sounded to me like it might be the explanation for me not doing very well on NDT, even though my T3 is near the top of the range. I've therefore started on T3 only. It's early days yet, but there have been some very positive signs so far. I'm extremely grateful to Sandy for this book as it may be that I'm finally on the right path with this. :-)

  • I really need to read this, but I believe it's only available as an e-book and only compatible with kindle?

  • You can get a free Kindle reader/emulator for the PC from Amazon.

  • Thank you Angel_of_the_North - will investigate :)

  • several other authors eg p robinson, dr. lowe etc have mentioned thyroid resistance but hugh's book is the only one that i have read so far that focuses entirely on this subject and explains it in simple language. there's lots of technical papers out there on the subject but they are deeply technical, meant for dr's/endos/medical researchers etc.

  • If you can find a used copy of John Lowe's original book, The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia, you will find it gives great attention to this problem. It is hard to find at a realistic price though - I was lucky - and it is a huge medical textbook. At some point this year I intend set aside time to go through it more thoroughly.

  • hillwoman - i know of that book, does that go into great technical medical detail or does it also provide simple explanations too ?

  • Well, I would describe it as clearly written, but inevitably it is techically detailed.

  • thx, i may well save up for it.

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