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Please help!!

Hi had overactive thyroid for 3 years very unstable over that time and had a large goitre so decided to have surgery.Had a complete thyroidectomy in 2012 and ever since the doctors haven't been able to regulate it.Probably have to increase/decrease my medication 3 times a year.Is this normal? Please help sick of feeling ill.Thought having the surgery would stop this.

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No, its not normal to have to change medication regularly.... It rather sounds like the doc is trying to medicate you by using the tsh....

Have you seen this video which explains the absurdity of trying to do that?


I was going to say the same thing, sounds like your doctor is a TSH fanatic. Best way to keep a patient ill! You need to go by symptoms, rather than blood tests, but the FT3 would be a better measure of thyroid status than the TSH.


I got discharged after surgery so now just got to my go.think I need to be having another talk to her as I feel no better off having the surgery.It's like I still ave my thyroid.Thank you for the information.


I think you need to get copies of your blood tests, and post them here. Doctors know very little about thyroid, so s/he might not understand the results.

In what way do you feel as if you still have your thyroid? Do you still feel hyper? What are your symptoms?


When I first started with overactive thyroid I had rapid heart beat,tremors,felt depressed,weight loss,I got a goitre,my eyes stuck out,muscle pain etc.They tried the carbimazole for like the first 6 months.went back to the hospital as I felt awful again then tried to shock my thyroid with taking thyroxine and carbimazole together it worked for maybe 6 months but after then started feeling same symptoms again but put weight on this time rather than lost it.The hospital said this happens to a certain percentage of people but my thyroid was still overactive.Was like this for 3 years then I decided to ave surgery.Since having surgery and seeing my own gp I don't ave the goitre but when I start feeling ill my eyes still sticking out and I ave muscle and a lot of joint pain,depressed,tiredness,restless sleep etc.I ave a stressful job and work long hours so takes a while for me to realise its not the job its my medication plus I found out in February when I had my last blood test cause I didn't feel right that I'm in the menopause too.My Gp was shocked with my hormone levels for the menopause as I'd gone straight into it my hormone levels tested for the menopause as 116 and she said they should be 30.So now I went back last week as I felt awful and the doctor said oh its the menopause you only had your bloods done for your thyroid in February they shouldn't ave changed that fast but I told her I wanted them checking anyway got my results back yesterday and now I ave to increase my medication from 100mg to 150mg and go back in 8 weeks for another blood test.Sorry its long winded I'm just at my wits end now had 7 years of feeling rubbish and just don't know what to do.


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