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Heads Up Folks - Clinical Commissioning Group

Hello Folks

My husband and I are some of the fortunate people who up until now have been able to get NDT on prescription. My husbands prescription for Erfa is being stopped by the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group as it is classed as "non-formulary". I am on Nature-Throid and expect a phone call from my doctor tomorrow. Anyone know anything about this?

Love to All


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sheenah Now, this is just me, and I'm being a bit bolshie because I'm anti-GP at the moment so I suppose that gets passed along the line to the higher ups......

Why are they stopping your NDT when the NHS has just been instructed to prescribe the PrEP drug to members of the gay community who are HIV Negative to stop them being infected. Giving them condoms would be cheaper and achieve the same result (and would leave some money for your NDT and other drugs that are being denied now). Yet you are being denied your life-giving NDT.

That is not an anti-gay comment. That is a "Why are my thyroidy friends being denied their medication" comment :)

And I know it's not the NHS's decision to make PrEp available although I do believe it is an NHS decision (albeit through some CCGs at the moment) to stop NDT. Whoever it was that instructed the NHS to prescribe PrEP, can they not instruct the NHS to continue prescribing NDT?

I might be talking to my MP in your situation. Or organising a petition. Or writing to a decent newspaper, was it The Times who took up the cost of T3?

Just my thoughts :)


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