Thybon T3 didn't work

Just feeding back that my recent brand change of T3 to Thybon has made me sick with all my symptoms returning within 7 weeks. I managed to get docs to do another prescription and so back on Mercury Pharma again. Been on 6 days now and improving slowly again.

It's so bizarre when they say it's the same thing. I've never had a problem with swapping brands with levo as others report so a new one on me.

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  • Karunablue,

    Why did you swap from Mercury Pharma to Thybon?

  • It was the chemist I used said he had trouble getting liothyronine but had managed to source Thybon. Told me it was the same thing.

  • Karunablue,

    It is the same thing in that it is T3 but different brands contain different fillers and that seems to affect how well patients absorb the T3. Annoyingly, if you didn't do well on Mercury Pharma Liothyronine you'd probably have to move heaven and earth to get Thybon or Sanofi prescribed.

  • Interestingly, Thybon contains Liothyronine hydrochloride - whereas the majority of liothyronine products contain Liothyronine sodium. Not saying this is an explanation - it isn't.

  • It's all interesting and unjust. Had I tried Thybon to begin I'm sure I would have thought T3 didn't work for me!


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