Pre op thyroid test

Hi not sure if anyone can help I'm due an operation next week got told today they need to check my thyroid levels if they have changed then they won't operate I find out two days before my op.

But as we all know the thyroid levels can change at anytime and I would have to be on my new dose for at least 2 months and this could happen again any advice or anyone else experienced this I've had previous ops the last 4 years ago and never experienced this before thank you.

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  • Michelle05,

    If your thyroid levels are abnormally high or low the operation will be delayed until dose adjustment improves levels. Take your thyroid medication after your pre-op blood tests.

  • Thank you my appointment is at 4 pm uk time I normally take it at 7am so take it later that day then

    It's just the first time I've been asked for this so was worried I'm hoping for the first time ever it's not changed

  • Michelle05-,

    As your blood test will be after 4pm it should be fine to take your Levothyroxine at 7am as usual.

  • Thank you for your help.

  • Hi there Michelle

    I find that hard to believe I am a Nurse I have never known a patient to have an Op cancelled due to Thyroid levels!! Stand your ground with them

    Good luck hope you feel better soon

    Karolly 😊🙋🏻

  • We have had a few such stories over the years.

    Sometimes the anaesthetist has helped more than any other medic - but they only got involved because an operation was needed. They (or at least some of them) seem to understand thyroid better than many others.

  • I had an op cancelled due to thyroid levels a few years ago but I put forward my case to the surgeon. He communicated with the anaesthetist and they agreed to do the surgery. The anaesthetist was very sanguine about it all when I spoke with her pre op. Good luck!

  • Thank you that's what is happening at the mo the surgeon didn't request the test and is happy to do it so just got fingers crossed for Thursday's results thank you and glad you got sorted :)

  • Hi guys just wanted to say I had my operation yesterday bloods came back clear and was explained to me more about my bloods and thyroid for an op only advice I can give is get a test 2 months before and keep an eye on it so no dissapoinment ;)

    Thank you for all your advice really helped and kept me calm

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