Is it Safe to exercise with a high pulse rate?

Good afternoon everyone,

Although I have hashimoto's I always have a high pulse rate (between 80 - 126), often with palpitations and a tight chest always much worse of an evening and first thing in the morning . I tried to increase my fitness by getting on the exercise bike by just 10 minutes a time, three times a week, but within minutes my pulse will shoot up easily reaching 150bpm and after forcing myself to go the full ten minutes I am really exhausted.

Is it safe to continue doing this and will improvements follow?

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  • What is your T3 result and range?

    Generally I wouldn't advice anyone to do any exercise apart from things like gentle walking and yoga if they are getting a tight chest and feeling exhausted after 10 minutes.

  • Hello Bluebug,

    From memory my TSH was about 8.5, FT4 and FT3 are apparently always in range, i only have a blood test once a year.

    The tight chest and laboured breathing are symptoms I always get.

    The reason for getting on the exercise bike is to increase my blood flow as my legs are always ice cold and to boost my metabolic rate, as I can not tolerate thyroid meds very well. I do do walking and all the house work, so I am not a complete physical wreck anymore : >

    Best wishes


  • You should actually get the numbers. Being in ranges is meaningless.

    Have you had your ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D tested? Are they not just adequate but optimal? If not get them tested and post a new thread with the results. Low levels in any of these can cause blood flow issues.

    Have you had your blood pressure checked? If not go into your doctors surgery and check it yourself as they should have a machine there. If not ask the receptionist where you can get your blood pressure checked in the surgery.

    You shouldn't get a tight chest when exercising. It is normal to have laboured breathing when pushing yourself, but while you aren't fit you should only work to the level where you can talk to people or sing a song out loud without struggling to do it. This means you need to slow down. Only when you can exercise comfortably like that for an hour a few times a week should you be doing any form of high intensity training.

  • Thank you Bluebug, I haven't had things tested for a long while, the doctors dont like doing these tests at our surgery, but when they were last done my vitamin D and B12 were high, Iron was in range, but i will ask them to do them again.

    The tightness of the chest and laboured breathing normally comes of a night time, it doesn't have anything to do with exercise. I check my blood pressure and it is always low.

    Your clearly right, I am not really well enough to be exercising, i am just at a loss now to know what else to change to improve my health. On Sunday I wasn't feeling to bad but my Sunday evening I was back to feeling dreadful with no clear reason as too why this has happened.

    Best wishes


  • You need to see you GP or Cardiologist before you exercise again! Your body is trying to tell you there is a problem! Listen to it😉

  • Hello 8870,

    The doctors aren't interested, I have voiced my concerns and they say " it's just your Thyroid" which of course is possible.

    When I have a bit more energy I will make an appointment and be more assertive

    Thank you

  • I am so sorry you are dealing with Doctors who don't behave as Doctors. One thing that has worked very well for me is to have an Internist as my Primary Care. They are more schooled and can handle and do things your GP can't and you may find a more caring knowledgable Dr. Just a note- I had similiar symptoms went to my Dr he said Hospital immediately where I saw the Cardio and he said my body was warning me of a potential heart attack and tests showed I have 2 leaky valves! That's why I said you need to be checked out and for him to fluff it off smh you deserve better!

  • Hello 8870,

    I do need to get something done, my pulse is always high - off course they just gave me betablockers and then anti depressants for the pain (I only take one occasionally) It really is pretty typical treatment by the sound of it.

    I have been focusing on getting myself better and stopped seeing doctors because they have been so useless. I did see a doctor last month (hadn't been for about nine months previous) I was concerned i was going through a very early menopause, I was told it was just my thyroid. I then went back a week later, and saw someone else who done the relevant tests and I was right I am going through a very early menopause, as if I didn't have enough to contend with but your right I need to be more pro active with the doctors.

    I am quite worried now, so will ring first thing in the morning

    Best wishes


  • You should be checked on a regular basis every 4-6 months with a full screen and ask for a copy of the results and have them explain them to you.

  • I will push for that, They only check my thyroid once a year.

    I need to be more assertive

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