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Is My Heart Rate Too High?

Hi Family, I hope everyone have a beautiful Sunday.

I took my heart rate this morning twice and first time 76 and second time 77. No exercise this morning and been up an hour drinking coffee.

I'm not sure what heart rate pose be.

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This is pretty much perfect, especially if you have had caffeine. Caffeine can raise the heart rate a little. If it goes above 85-90 without a good reason (stress, caffeine consumption, dehydration etc) it should be investigated. Common causes of a heart rate above this include anaemia, infection and hyperthyroidism among others.

Heart rate can be a little lower first thing in the morning before you get out of bed but rises slightly when you get up. The average is around 72 bpm. Yours is perfectly normal :) I hope that reassures you a little.

Carolyn x


Thank you, Carolyn. I upped my nature thyroid one more grain and I take total of four and I wanted make sure I not take too much. Thank you Honey!!!!!


debber, you should probably raise your dose by a smaller amount than one whole grain now that you are at that level. Do you wait two weeks before adding more hormone?

It sounds like you are doing very well.

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Hi Heloise, I've missed you. I went to four grains about three weeks ago. I'm doing better and as each month goes by I have less and less of symptoms. I have nails and my hair is coming in and most of all my energy is back. I will never go without my meds and I've come to terms that i have an under active thyroid and will for rest my life and will never come off meds again. My doctor wants me at five but I wonder if the four is enough. I want make sure I don't go opposite. I will not try that until I am well adjusted on the four grains of nature thyroid. I have an appetite now as I had none before. I feel like I'm getting better nourishment.

And yeah, I took a whole grain and shouldn't have done that but since we did I've been noticing feeling better. I like the four grains and I'm really not sure go to five as doctor said but I will see after another month or month and a half. If I do, I will be sure to do half Heloise. Its been a long path and I know its going probably be another 12 months before I'm fully there. I think I had this when a kid but I think it got worse when I went thru breast cancer and had chemo in my early 30s. I wonder if my thyroid was the reason for getting breast cancer. Who knows! My doctor told me the chemo most certainly didn't help it.

I hope you're well Heloise. How are you? Thank you, Honey, for helping thru this journey. It truly is complexing! Love, Debber


That's amazing, Deb. Did you find a good doctor. You must have if he wants to increase you to five. Great.

I wonder if the iodine deficiency had something to do with both thyroid and breast. But, as you can see, you can recover.

Have you see the videos by Dr. Bergman that Pettals and I have posted? He knows anatomy and hormones and is a great teacher. If you have a chance, you will learn a lot. He thinks "cure" but I'm not so sure. It would take 24/7 effort.

I'm doing well, Deb but the doctor thinks I should have my tonsils out. I find I'm better at giving advice than taking advice, lol.

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I could not get the video to post with my reply so am trying it again.

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I had to drive ten hours to doctor, Heloise. The one here didn't work out as she wanted put me back on levo and off NT lol. I was on levo I told her and it didn't do anything for me and she didn't care and wanted still do it. So I didn't go back to her and went my Indiana doctor. It was worth going my doctor in Indiana. Thank you so much Heloise for sending me the video, I'm going pay close attention to it. I wish doctors would, too! I love you Girl, and I'm glad you're doing well. And yes, I think iodine plays a huge role.

Have you been getting a lot of sore throats and that's why you doctor wants your tonsils out? I had mine out when I was a kid. I know they don't do anymore I heard for the most part.

I will keep you posted on how I'm doing. You take care of yourself Heloise. I want you keep me posted, too, Honey.

Love, Debber


Hi Ideally 60 to 80 but coffee puts it up about 30mins after drinking it.You also need to sit /lye still for 10mins before doing it.


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