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Heel pain


Diagnosed 5 years ago with Graves' disease levels up and down.

Last endo appt 4 months ago was told levels normal.

Have developed a pain in my heel when standing and walking

also pain in toes after exercise and long walk. Could this be thyroid

related. Suffered with muscle aches when first diagnosed but they

Lessened when treatment kicked in. Am not on any medication

at present. Thank you for any replies.


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Sounds like tarsal tunnel - which could be thyroid - can also be B12 - basically relates to muscle weakness in the foot - so it your arches have fallen that will be a factor - this can alter the way that nerves run through the ankle meaning that they get trapped leading to the pain.

Arch supports helped me - B12 helped me more :)

Suggest you ask to see a podiatrist.


Could be plantar fasciitis?


Plantar fasciitis was my first thought, it's very painful


I have had it a little over a year now. Doesn't compliment my bad knee LOL

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I know exactly how you feel :(

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Low in range B12 or B12 Deficiency can apparently be connected to spinal problems, right down to the feet too. Do you know your B12 blood results if they were done ?


Hi Coastwalker

Had B12 bloods GP said they were fine. Did not get readings.


Do not class 'fine' or OK as gospel truth, I read daily of Doctors over looking B12 patients. If you are under range with B12 bloods you usually get treatment, but you can still have B12 deficiency if your B12 bloods are LOW 'within range' as many on the PAS and Thyroid UK do.

Idea only, call and ask your Doctor's receptionist for your B12 blood result and range, The range is important.


Will do thank you.

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