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Buying levothyroxine 25 mcg

Could members please PM me with details of where my sister might be able to obtain 25 mcg tablets of levothyroxine at a reasonable price, please? She doesn't have a prescription for this strength (and her GP is wary of increasing her dose as she suffers terribly from White Coat Syndrome).

Her free T4 is low-mid normal range and she would like to try raising it a bit.

Many thanks

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hose1975 The usual reliable, recommended sources only sell the 100mcg dose tablets. Can she get a decent pill cutter and try cutting down the ones she has.


Unfortunately the 100 mcg tablets are a bugger to cut (like the 20 mcg liothyronine tablets). Would there be any mileage in taking an extra 50 mcg every other day?


hose1975 She can alternate doses, there's no problem with that. Will they cut in half successfully? What is her FT3 like? That's the one you need to keep an eye on, make sure it doesn't go out of range.


I'll suggest it to her. But she'll still need to get some as she won't be prescribed more than her current dose.

We're working on the assumption that if her free T4 is nowhere near over range then her free T3 is unlikely to be either.


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