Mercury Pharma stopping production of 25 mcg

Just been to collect my prescription. I am on 100 mcg a day but the pharmacy gives me 25 mcg tablets by MercuryPharma because I can't take Actavis 100 mcg. The pharmacist told me MercuryPharma are going to stop producing 25 mcg tablets so she is going to have to look round for another brand. It seems to me the choices we have are steadily narrowing down.

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  • Penstemon,

    Mercury Pharma produce 25mcg, 50mcg and 100mcg tablets.  Not sure why your pharmacist is unable to dispense 100mcg which would be a lot cheaper than 4 x 25mcg.  The only other 25mcg UK Levothyroxine is produced by Wockhardt.

  • I have asked them about this. For some reason the senior partner at the practice only wants them to order Actavis 100 mcg. Also I agree with jimh111 that one tablet is always better than 4 because of fillers.

  • Penstemon,

    You need to contact the Snr Ptnr and explain that Actavis doesn't suit and you need/prefer Mercury Pharma 100mcg.

    Some doctors and pharmacists are sniffy about brand differences but there is evidence to support that patients respond differently.  I prefer Actavis and have an arrangement with my pharmacist that I'm not supplied MP.

  • Fortunately my own GP at the practice accepts that some patients can't take certain brands. I will talk to them when my next prescription's due.

  • Following on from Clutter's post, a 100 mcg tablet will have proportionatally less fillers than 4 x 25 mcg.  Also AMCo (Mercury) and Eltroxin are exactly the same product.

  • Your pharmacist is mistaken - We have information from AmCo (MercuryPharma) stating clearly that they will be continuing to produce 100, 50 & 25mcg of levothyroxine.


    Thyroid UK

  • OK, thanks. That's very interesting (and reassuring) and I will tell her. I did think it was strange. 

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