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Hi Everyone🙅

Has anyone had Jaundise relating to gallbadder problems.

Just needing some help with this, as I did develop Jaundise and taken into hospital had stone removed this is about a month ago now two of the medications I was put on was for this awful itch I got through having Jaundise, Chlorphenamine 4mg 3 times a day and Loratadine 10mg once a day. I also use a cream for this Itch, but I still wake up most nights with the awful itch all over body which nearly drives me loppy!😲 Just wondering if anyone has any advice.


: Just to say this site is great I for one am Sooo glad I found it does give so much help and understanding👍X

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We've had some really warm nights in the UK recently - don't know if you are in the UK - that's likely to make you notice the itching more so might be worth looking at ways of keeping yourself cooler and see if that helps ...

Hope you do manage to find a solution.


Hi Gambit

Thanks for your reply, I am in UK and yes we have had some warm nights, but even if its not that warm and just having a sheet over me, but still get this awful itch!.

Thank you again Jeanie🙅


Low B12 can be the cause of itching. Do you know your level ?


Hi Marz

Thank you for your reply, You could be right, I don't know my level, but have now appointment to see my Doctor on Tuesday, so will ask then and will let you know

Jeanie 🙅

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I do not think that there is any scientific proof about itching and B12 - although there are lots of references to it on various websites. One thing I do know from my own experience is that I had horrid itchy arms before supplementing seriously with B12. The itch then became like hives. B12 is involved in nerve endings - so these painful itches I had - to me seem connected - rather like shingles.

Don't expect your Doc to make any connection :-( - unless he is an exception !


Hi Marz🙆

Thank you for that,very interesting my doctor wants to see me tomorrow regarding my blood test I had last week,as its showing my liver function is still not right, and I will ask him about taking B12. hope I can get something soon as this Itch is driving me mad😠

Will let you know what he says.



As I said before - do not expect your Doc to make the connection. I am on the Pernicious Anaemia Forum where it clearly shows that Docs rarely have a clue about B12 deficiency being a neurological condition. Not included in their training.

There may also be a connection with your liver results. Being hypo can cause raised liver enzymes due to a slow metabolism.

Hope all goes well at the appointment.

Also ask at the surgery for copies of your latest thyroid blood tests results with ranges and post them in a new post so more people will see them. Gall bladder problems are very common with low thyroid hormones. I had mine removed many years before the Hashimotos was diagnosed.


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