Off topic: Improvement on earplugs pls?

Since it's been early-daylight/open-window season I've had a really hard time staying asleep in the mornings. I wear wax earplugs, which I usually swear by (can't wear the foam kind), but because of the heat they're kind of just falling out of my ears in the night. I had a Hibermate (works well if you're interested: ) but it's not an everyday solution. I've spent hours online looking for the kind of ear defenders you can sleep in but have found no clear guidance on that so I gave up. I'm out of ideas.

About a year ago we bought a little holiday home and have spent every other weekend there and even though the mattress is the same as the one I have at home and the place is quiet, I've had trouble sleeping there. I wonder if the alternate weekends issue has just given me a new bad habit that I've carried over to my home.

I have Hashi's and as far as I'm aware I'm not over/undermedicated, though I'm due a blood test.

Any suggestions/solutions appreciated.

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  • Try drinking a glass of milk at bedtime.

  • Interesting suggestion Margjean. Is that for the same reason people drink warm milk before bed? I'm a bit wobbly on dairy as too much seems to cause me sinus infections, but I'm willing to try anything if it will help me sleep beyond 5 or 6am!

  • I have a cup of warm skim milk every night.No sugar in. Then lay down and take deep breaths.Seems to work for me. 55 seconds in microwave.

  • You also may need to be up at 5 or 6 in Summer anyway. The early bird catches the worm. You can always go for an early morning walk. I take the neighbors dog out every morning for a walk. It's good,like having a dog and not having a dog to be responsible of. Or you could do a bit of gardening. We are in Australia,it is our winter now so having trouble getting out of bed but know the dog will be waiting for me for her walk. Don't go as far asI used to these days,I am over 80. But know I have to get up for her.

  • Ha! No thanks, I don't need to be up at 5 or 6, I need to sleep more than three hours. Horses for courses etc. :-)

  • Hey pb have you tried bioears ?

    work for me in hot countries when youngsters are coming back from the clubs giggling and slamming doors in hotel corridors, anyway... miserable curmudgeon that I am :)

  • I use Bioears too

  • Well if they're for curmudgeons then they will deffo work for me. Job done! :-)

    I haven't tried them and I can't think why. The idea of the silicone appeals, as plugs are notorious for causing ear infections.

    Many thanks!

  • Ok, I was about to buy Bioears and saw that a number of people had to have them surgically removed from their eardrum and their doctors have suggested wax earplugs to sleep in. What a disappointment, as I'm sure they're effective. I do appreciate the suggestions but maybe best not to risk it. Back to square one, boo!

  • Tricky.Once I had to have an expensive airport purchase removed with tweezers !

  • Eek! I do have to stuff them quite deep in my ear to make that nice thick layer of noise-baffling material, so when I read that about the silicone kind it put me off a bit. I already have allsorts going on in my ears (psoriasis, fluid etc) and if anyone was going to have a painful accident w earplugs it would be me.

  • Hi PB, these do the trick for me Been using them for a couple of years since Himself took up snoring...! Each pair lasts about a week, I find them comfortable and had no problems with getting them stuck! Sometimes if I put them in a bit far I can just ease them out a little until it's comfortable again - they're wider at the end so you know if you've put them in too far.

    In terms of sleeping issues, you have my sympathy. I think the problem is that it becomes self-fulfilling - your subconscious decides you've had trouble sleeping somewhere or in a certain situation so that's what then happens. It's finding something to break that cycle that's tricky, unfortunately I've not cracked it myself. That said, I do try to view sleeplessness more positively than I used to, e.g. I know I can cope the next day, and yes it's uncomfortable/unpleasant, but it won't kill me. Helps me feel less anxious about it.

    Good luck x

  • Many thanks for that. Sympathy helps! :-)

    I'm afraid I can't wear the foam plugs. The pressure they exert on the ear canal makes my ears sore. The foam is always trying to regain its moulded shape, so they press on my ears painfully (I must have bizarrely sensitive ears) whereas the wax kind just stay moulded to your ear. And in the throes of a noisy-neighbour situation, I discovered that the wax plugs are much better at blocking noise (I guess because of their density/solidity?).

    It's a real PITA as the foam ones are the kind that are the most straightforward (easy to buy, no bells and whistles). Even the wax ones, which usually work when the weather is cooler, I have to hunt around for a bit so I buy a bunch when I find them.

    The newest development is that I slept much better last night. I got up to let the dogs out and give them their breakfast and went back to bed to see if I could get a couple more hours (preparing for a bad-sleep weekend) and, despite setting my alarm and receiving phone calls and text messages on the pillow next to me, slept until 1:30pm!!

    I do wonder if there is a middle-age-menstrual angle to this actually. I must be dense as I've only just thought of it. Maybe will do a survey. :-)

  • I have the same issue as you with the foam kind. I resolve this by trimming off excess foam at the sides (with scissors). I figure I simply must have narrow canals.

    I also cut off some of the length at the far edge (the part that sticks out of your ears). I like to sleep on my side so I prefer to have the plugs just about flush. I don't have issues getting them out in the morning. With these changes in able to use them without them causing me soreness.

  • That's a good idea.

  • Sorry I'm late replying to you, but I hope the sleeping is still going well. The ear plugs I mentioned are so soft I don't think they would be uncomfortable for you, I struggle with normal foam ones. They're very cheap, perhaps worth a go!

  • I've started using a whole wax earplug in each ear (as opposed to half a plug, which is my usual method) and so far it isn't bad. It isn't quite as blazingly hot as it was, so they're staying in more or less. I also bought a white noise machine.

    After I replied to you I read that listing (the link you sent) more carefully and others said what you said, that they're easier on the ears than the normal foam kind, so I will keep them in mind if I need an alternative. Many thanks for the suggestion.

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