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My Eye Improvement on NDT

I just thought I would report that I have just had a FORTH change of prescription in 1 year!!! I have gone from have 20/20 vision Jan2013 to in 3 weeks flat having suddenly needing to where glasses for reading.....throughout the year gradually got worse until improving now from Now 13. Jump to March 14 and I am almost back to not needing reading glasses at all after test on Sat.

I had blurred vision on and off, deteroiating reading vision generally. This is all bang on with getting Thyroid Hormone back into body..............I started Nutri Thyroid and then NDT from sept 13....UNBELIEVABLE. I have spent so much on glasses but am delighted that they have improved so much. Still pouring with tears or bone dry though :-(

I just hope it eventually sorts all other symptoms out.


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Wow, incredible.

I had a similar (less dramatic) situation - my eyes suddenly got worse and now I have two pairs of reading glasses (one slightly stronger) which I alternate as needed depending on how tired I am or how rubbish my vision. Also noticing that low lighting is IMPOSSIBLE and I might as well be wearing a blindfold. I've always been the person who walks into the kitchen at night and makes a cup of tea without turning on the light, so this is really noticeable for me.

Our energy-saving bulbs are a pain in the bum, esp the ones which need so much warming up until they kick in. Getting ready to go out in the evening involves a lot of feeling my clothes to tell the difference between them.

I used to assume the stinging in my eyes was sensitivity to makeup, sunscreen, etc but I was diagnosed with TED last year so I guess that's what causes it.

Good luck with your ndt!


HATE energy-saving bulbs. They don't save MY energy - I get SO mad not seeing properly!

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Amen. :-)


Hi puntured,

Can you tell me if you have a minute what were your symptoms of TED?


That's great. I have had lots of eye problems, pre thyroid, so it's been a huge worry with them getting worse. My night vision has been terrible. I look forward to improvements on my NDT, started it on Saturday.


Yes it is great and just wish I could sort rest out but seeing dr p shortly so he thinks i may have reverse t3 prob.

Just thought i should report some good news :-)


Can sympathise with blurred vision and vocusing, always got it but it's improved on NDT. Think Dr S said to me once, that lack of thyroid replacement, can affect the shape of the eye, thus having trouble seeing through glasses. I usually leave mine off for a couple of hours in the morning before I can bear to wear them.

I use daylight bulbs they are much better than low energy ones, they are supposed to be more like natural light.

Hope I can post this expect it will be deleted if I can't, here's the one's I use.


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