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Sore gum and hyperthyroidism


Hi I started on carbimazole around 5 months ago after been diagnosed with hyperthryoidism. Within a month of starting them I had a sore gum, where my wisdom tooth is starting to come through.

I mentioned it to my endo who said it was probably just a coincidence. Since then its been fine unless I'm feeling run down.

At the moment I'm a bit run down, have had a cold for the past week and life is busy at the moment so not getting much time to rest. Could it be the carb causing the soreness, its like a little white spot on the gum and it hurts overtime I open my mouth.

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I never had anything like that when I was taking carb (40mcg a day for about ten months) It might be worth booking an appointment with your dentist and letting him/her have a look. Dentists are very well trained in everything to do with the mouth whereas GPs tend to be generalists?

When I picked up my first prescription for carbimazole the pharmacist told me to take high dose vitamin C when I was taking it so it might be worth you trying that.

Hi thanks for the reply will phone dentist tomorrow. I also take vitamin c daily (1000mg) but they don't seem to help me. At the moment I just seem to be catching every bug/cold going and then takes twice as long as it use to for me to get rid of it.

Good luck. I used to always feel I got more sense out of my dentist, for years I used to get dreadful sinusitis and the doctor used to brush me off and say to go to the dentist. I would go to the dentist who would thoroughly check my teeth out and tell me there was nothing wrong with my teeth ( I knew that all along!) so I'd go back to the doctor and get treated for sinusitis.

Interested enough once I was found to have Graves and treated I've stopped getting sinus infections. So some good came out of it.

Bottom line is that although you have to pay the dentist you are given more time and a much more thorough investigation by someone who hopefully knows everything there is to know about inside your mouth and throat. It's a bit like going to a vet. I have to say I've come across a lot of thyroid patients who wish they could be treated by their pet's vet 😉

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