Does Gum Guggul really help convert T4 to T3?

A nutritionist has suggested that I try Gum Guggul as it's supposed to be helpful in converting T4 to T3. My lab work showed that I have a normal fT4 and low fT3, so it seems like a useful supplement if it works. Does anybody have any experience using it, and if so - has it helped or hindered? At the moment, I do not take any thyroid medication. I found out in Jan I have adrenal fatigue, so have been trying to deal with that first and last month I found out I was also hypo.

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  • Does anybody have any experience with it at all? :)

  • Sorry, I've never heard of it but see Go to the interactions tab and scroll down to the bottom where you will see this info: "Guggul might increase thyroid hormone in the body. Taking guggul along with thyroid hormone pills might increase the effects and side effects of thyroid hormones."

    See also Again scroll down to Endocrine Effects. Seems to work on mice in labs but no clinical trials for humans.

  • That's very interesting sip1. I have just done a bit of googling and it does seem that it may have a positive effect so I am really considering giving it a try...but I'm scared! Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will pitch in later :-)

  • I'm giving it a go :) There is only one way to know if it works, and that's giving it a trial run.

  • Great...please let me know if it works! Good luck x

  • I take ashwagandha for adrenal fatigue, switched from coffee to green tea and am now down to 1/4 gr of nature throid for my hashimoto's. Also take selenium. Will let you know if this works.

  • Forgot to add... ashwagandha also boosts thyroid function and converts t4 to t3 besides supporting your adrenals and helping with stressss.

  • I take Guggulsterones after reading bits but what I also noticed was the awful back and feet/hand pains I had went away. I warms you up. When you read about it its not just thyroid it can help but rheumatoid arthritis, acne, supports cholesterol. I have a break of a week then go back again and notice the difference in an hour or two. In-between a break I tried natural thyroid but this actually made my feet hurt more in the mornings so am still with this for now.

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