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Experiencing Symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

Hi , it's been a while since iv'e posted anything .

Can't figure this out , I hope someone here can help .

I am experiencing symptoms of over - active thyroid and under- active thyroid . So was wondering if I should reduce my thyroxine or increase it . My doc is not really helpful . My results are normal . I'm so anxious and panicky and at the same time so constipated and depressed and fatigued . At the moment I'm on 100 mg thyroxine . I was on t3 as well 10 mg but I stopped taking a week ago .

Also my pulse is about 60 most of the time . this disease is so frustrating at times . I will be so grateful for any advice , thanks

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Sandra49, it will help members advise if you can post your recent thyroid results and ranges.

Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies? Autoimmune attacks (Hashimoto's) on the thyroid kill cells and they dump hormone into the blood which can make you feel hyper and hypo. Reducing dose temporarily may help reduce hyper symptoms. When the attack ceases you will need to resume your normal dose or you'll become hypo.

100% gluten-free diet is often helpful in reducing Hashi attacks and antibodies.

Do you know what your ferritin level is? Low ferritin can also make you feel hyper and hypo and can make it difficult to tolerate dose increases.


Hi Clutter thanks for replying . My last test results were : ft4 17 ( 9-21) tsh suppressed don't know ranges for tsh . My doctor has never tested me for antibodies , do you have to ask your doctor for this ?

My last ferritin test was normal .


Sandra, FT4 17 rules out overmedication even though TSH is suppressed.

Thyroid antibodies are often tested when first diagnosed. Ask the GP receptionist whether she can see a result for thyroid peroxidase antibodies.

My ferritin range is something like 12-290 which means 12 and 290 are normal. Halfway through range is considered optimal. Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for your last ferritin result and range.


Thanks clutter I'll ask for my ferritin range , why do doctors always tell you all your results are fine ?


Sandra, doctors tell patients results are fine or normal when they are within range. Patient experience finds some results like thyroid, vits and minerals can be optimised to improve wellbeing.


Anxious and panicky doesn't necessarily point to hyper. I was at my most anxious and prone to bursting into tears a lot when I was undermedicated. I hadn't realised quite how much until I thought back to how I felt a year ago and compared the stress of my job now and back then. My job, if anything, is more stressful now! but I cope better because I'm optimally medicated (well, close enough ;) ).

Unfortunately ferritin "normal" means nothing - it might still have been too low in range for you to feel well. See if you can get the actual result from your doctor and post it here.

Secondly, you need to know how you're doing - I think it may be time for repeat thyroid blood tests. Were you taking the T3 with your doctor's blessing, or self medicating?

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Thanks jazzw , yes my doctor prescribed me t3 , I've been taking it for years but I stopped it about a week ago to see if my anxiety improved , I read somewhere that sometimes t3 can cause anxiety . Maybe it's just stress or maybe I eat too much chocolate and sugary things lol


Hi Sandra,

I too have both symptons. I am Hyper with Hypo symptons. I have spent the last 10 months with a previous Endo trying to explain with him telling me basically I didn't know what I was talking about. Last night, after just having my 2nd go at being Hyper - I saw a new Endo (I requested to see a different one this time), as I was telling him about my weight gain, he replied aahh your one of a very few that have both!!! Hallelujah, I could have kissed him (instead I cried). He has a couple of patients that unfortunately suffer like this.

As I am the opposite of you I cannot help with your meds but I hope you get this sorted and you start to feel a lot better very soon.



Thanks for your reply Sandra


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