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do I self medicate?

Hi All.

My serum TSH results came back at 3.57 ( 0.30 - 4.40) And serums free T4 Level 10.0 ( 9.0 - 19.1) I am defiantly having symptoms, but my VERY arrogant GP just kept saying they are normal they are normal! and all he could do is re do the same tests in a few weeks. I mentioned could i have more in depth tests done, to his reply " there are no more in depth blood tests "!!

My questions are, based on the information i have given, would you advise me to self medicate? if so what, and where would i get the medication from? Or wait and see what the next bloods state? and what would the compilations be if any?

Thanking you in advance

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Could you consider Private Testing through Thyroid UK with Blue Horizon - Package 11 I believe is the one often quoted.

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Hi Marz. i was thinking of thinking of going down the blue horizon route. If they came back abnormal, would the GP then take these test into consideration?



Well he should as they all use the same labs :-) Sometimes arrogance over rules so stand your ground. At least you will know ! Return here and post your results in a new post ..... we will all rush to assist.

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They would have to consider it. For example you may have high thyroid antibodies, and/or low B12, vitamin D, folate or ferratin.

Would definitely recommend Blue horizon - thyroid plus eleven test.

Easy to do finger prick test. Best time to do is early morning, before 9am, no food or drink, other than water - this gives highest TSH.


Very often some gp's will ask for a second test 6/8 weeks or so after the first to be sure that the first one wasn't just a blip,even with symptoms some are hard to convince to do anything more than that. So you could wait out the time and get it done again and hopefully it will be outside range by then, but many wait years for that to happen unfortunately but you could be a lucky one. Or as others have said pay for a full private test blue horizon thyroid 10 or 11 are very good. Or is there another GP I practice that won't stick so solidly to their guidelines. Or try to persuade GP to give a trial of Levo, or self medicate. So there are a few things you can try- hope you get some relief from one of those options!


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