Just to Update My PALS complaint!

Referring back to my post on 18th - It seems that the hospital concerned are taking my complaint seriously. They have asked me to look through the complaint and to check and modify where necessary. So if nothing else, just hope lessons are learnt! Not to mess with my medication lol ;) We will have to see what happens next! :)

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Well done Dolly! I've tried to contact PALS several times, left messages but never returned my calls. It reminds me of the PHSO who despite having on ongoing complaint suddenly ignored all my e-mails despite in desperation sending them to different addresses. I was eventually told that all correspondence had been deleted in accordance with their policy. You couldn't make it up!

Just keep rattling cages.

Thanks cinnamon_girl! I have made a couple of comments at the end about how many people need the medication and how cheaply it can be purchased if they got off their preverbal arses lol and researched. Time will tell. I am under no illusion that anything will come out of it, as they all stick together but I feel a whole lot better for getting it off my chest. Also know that I can purchase it at a reasonable price that is affordable although I do resent having to pay for it. But at the end of the day, you got a do what you gotta do! I will keep you posted :)

The more who complain the more it helps thyroid patients Dolly. Yep, they all stick together as I very well know.

Look forward to an update.

Indeed they all do stick together. I saw a solicitor following appalling mismanagement post thyroidectomy but they could not find an 'expert' willing to make comment or write a medico legal report as soon as they knew I took NDT & had seen Dr Skinner. Despite my life, job, career etc being destroyed I got nowhere. Good luck.

Sorry to hear you have been through all this debjs - it is heart breaking, when it is your life they are destroying despite their mistakes. I think I have said before, I am under illusion, it won't get anywhere, just a lot of denial. Just feel better for getting it off my chest, especially now, I can get the medication on line. I have a partial gland, never worked and was born with the condition. The trouble is, people just don't get how powerful these hormones are and if they are not working right, can cause complete havoc. It would be nice just once, to get a "professional" who truly gets it or in a similar position ourselves! I have learnt a lot over the last few days and I don't give a hoot about the NHS and its ethics at the moment.

Take care :) x

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