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update from PALS

recieved this email yesterday (i have removed hospital and names)

Dear Ms Hambridge

I am writing to let you know that your complaint has come to me for investigation. I will obtain your notes and start looking in to this but in the meantime If you would like to discuss this with me, please feel free to give me a call on the number below. I will be here until 2 this afternoon and then on Monday and Tuesday next week.

With best wishes


Interim Head of Service, Medical Outpatient Specialties

(Diabetes/Endocrinology and Rheumatology)

*********** Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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mandy72 , make sure you get something in black and white too as they are very fond of phone calls and then it goes no further.

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i got a letter today saying its being dealt with and a date it needs to be sorted by, when they call ill be sure to ask for everything in writing

id rather stick to email as have proof of what ive said and what they have said too :)

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I contacted PALS when my endo threatened to discharge me if I didn't do as he says. The CEO of the hospital got it touch by e-mail and offered his help but I said I would try and resolve it myself first.


i just want to be seen by someone who knows how to treat thyroid and not increase T3 dose because of low T4

i was going to give it her face to face but need seeing sooner than november as feel awful and drs wont change or adjust meds without me seeing endo


So do it yourself! Lie if you have to but be your own person.


im adjusting my meds to how i feel but cant get to where i feel good, my head is foggy, increased pulse, slow pulse, feel hypo and hyper together, ongoing chest pains and shortness of breath, and the last few days ive been so hungry its unbelievable i cant afford saliva test at moment but hoping pals will arrange the works on the bloods


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