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am i just fat & unfit (embarrising female problem )

new here x thi is a bit personal ! my PMH is hyothyroid 2000, Fibromyalgia,Chronic fatigue , Spinal probs, Lupus blood( Hughes ) Kidney cancer removed March 2015 -now have a 1cm lymph node lung - their not worried about .

OK so my prob is weight gain 5ft 2" 11stone & short of breath- im 53 now no spring chicken but the imbarrasing thing is i cant make love to my partner because i cant breath ! (& im fat ) help ... iv ordered natural thyroid & hoping that will help weight loss ,trying to exercise -but very difficult with all my ailments x

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You shouldn't just order random things to take you need a guide to find out whether firstly you need them and secondly what amount you need to take.

Have you had any blood tests for thyroid hormones - TSH, FT4, FT3 - and got the results and ranges? If so edit your post and put them in.


no the Dr said " i had too much thyroid in my blood & said he wants me on 75 - surley not doctor ! !! how do you expect me to lose the 2stone u said i had to "" Any way i went today for bloods & will get the results Thurs


emilylouise I agree with Bluebug. As you've been diagnosed hypo in 2000, presumably you've been on medication (Levothyroxine?) and have been having annual blood tests?

Weight gain is a symptom of hypo and unless you are optimally medicated then weight loss is not going to be easy. NDT isn't going to help weight loss in itself, it's being on the right dose of medication that is, whatever that medication may be for you personally.

Please post your thyroid test results (with the reference ranges) and members can help.

Also, for thyroid hormone to work properly, vitamins and minerals need to be at optimal levels so it would be a good idea to ask your GP to test the following

Vit D




If you post those results also members can advise on any deficiencies and suggest supplements.

If your GP won't do the tests then you can get them done privately through Blue Horizon with a home fingerprick test (or blood draw if you prefer).


yes i will ask for the results & figures & definately post them xxx thank you guys


just posted my bloods under Blood results xx


just posted results under Blood results xx


You can't breathe? Can you breathe in ok, and is the problem actually that you cannot breathe out all the way?

If you have copd or asthma, you have problems breathing out.... I was diagnosed with asthma about 4 years ago.... I recently saw the doc at the asthma clinic and he confirmed that the reason i cant breathe lying down is because i still have lots of imflammation. I've been given a new steroid which seems to be wirking well.. I even jogged up a hill yesterday!

Ask to see the asthma nurse at your docs and see if your forced expiration volume is up to scratch.... Alternatively, i was diagnosed using a methacholine challege test at the hospital.

If you cannot breathe out properly the air stays in your lungs and so new air doesnt get in.

Good luck!


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i cant get the air in !


firstly at 5 ' 2" and 11 stone you are NOT fat -- maybe slightly overweight , but not fat -- secondly I would advise not to take meds without researching and understanding ALL of the benefits AND all of the pitfalls that can occur thirdly my lady had a similar problem and it transpired eventually to be ''' plural infusion ''' --- an excess of fluid in her lung , which because it took some time to diagnose then needed to be drained twice and then operated on [ superbly by barts hosp. ] after which she then was like a spring chicken , my point being it may or may not be relevant but may be worth checking out lastly never forget that on this forum we will all try to help you through your trials and tribulations ......alan xx


ah bless you alan - glad your wife is well now , i am very pleased someone answered ! My lungs did collapse post robotic surgery for the kidney tumour & my 1st 6mth scan showed a 1cm lymph node @ the L lung bronchial tube so maybe its that ??? my next scan is 5Aug x thank you so much - that was in the back of my mind but i will get it investigsted now --i feel better about it now xx


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