Feeling Elated - well for 2 minutes anyway !

I feel elated ! Crazy I know, but all because my GP took a copy of:

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism: A Patient’s Perspective

report which I had printed from here the other day and put it in a nice plastic folder for him lol, so looked very official. He said he would read it ! How a girl can dream !

On the downside .....can you believe the NHS (well in Scotland anyway) have put a blanket ban on Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone) testing. Even though there is evidence that low vitamin D levels can cause Thyroid issues in the first place !

Ok so now I'm not feeling so elated !

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  • Well done and you should feel elated that he is taking notice. Most would've sent you off with a flea in your ear. I bet many GPs/Endos keep having patients who don't feel much better when on meds but have clinical symptoms and they are at a loss if they are told 'blood tests alone will inform you' and the patients' bloods look fine.

    As you are in Scotland do you know about Lorraine Cleaver who took her case to the Scottish Parliament?

  • Well done you! I've just printed off a copy to take to my GP later. Hope the GPs read it!

  • I had planned to print off a copy of that report / article when I see my GP next week.... a plastic folder may help! Hope all these GPs read it - it is brilliantly written.

  • Hope he learns something from it. Do you know when they put a ban on it? I got my bloods taken last week for vitamin D testing. Due for my results in another 3 weeks.

  • Shibby seems like a recent thing as he pulled up an email directive on his screen, at least you got yours tested. The whole of the UK should be taking Vit D3 anyway as we don't get enough sun exposure in the Northern Hemisphere. Turns out it could be a root cause for all of us !

  • Yeh sounds about right. They all know we are deficient so therefore don't want to fork out for the blood tests or treatment off.

  • In the Times today and on the National news they are saying that everyone needs to supplement Vit D3 in winter, not just the young and the elderly as there is not enough sun. Also that if we don't eat enough oily fish etc and manage to get sufficient from our diets, we should supplement even in the summer.

  • Yip ! And they have known about the importance of D3 for a long time but the public don't get informed of this - it's shocking !

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