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i knew i was going through the menopause!

well, i got a letter today frm endo saying i was going through the change, which i kept insisting i was, yet my doc said i WASNT ... she read the same results so where was SHE looking? also to lower my t4 to 150 frm 175mcg and to go in for help with menopause, as i am sooo crazy at this time and at my worst... would be interested to hear experiences?

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I had all sorts of problems when I was menopausal. Nobody mentioned thyroid - that was diagnosed many years later.

First thing was the offer of antidepressants - took 1 tablet then recognised a hot flush, so back to the doc. Tried HRT, but it disagreed with me.

This was pre-internet, no Google. I raided the local library and kept seeing the Women's Nutritional Advisory Service (WNAS) mentioned, which I thought was worth trying - and it definitely was. I was advised on diet and supplements. It took time to take effect, but it sorted out most of my symptoms and gave me my life back. Even my sceptical husband thanked them!

So... make sure your vitamins and minerals are up to scratch. Your thyroid meds will work better if nutrition is optimal.

WNAS don't exist any more, but if you want help you can find a nutritionist near you from the BANT website at

All the best.


thanks anthea55 , any specific supplements that you take? x


Sorry, I can't help you there. My supplements were based on my symptoms and have changed over the years. Your needs will be different from mine. Your current diet will be different from mine.

I've always felt that I need help sorting myself out. Certainly when I was menopausal there were all sorts of things going on. The doctor at WNAS said that once nutritional problems were addressed then any medical problems would show up more clearly.

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