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I am going to see a new end in August as the first one i saw was next to useless - cost me £200 to find out he wasn't interested in T4 and T3 results.

anyway I have a long list of questions to ask such as why have I developed vitiligo if I have primary hypothyroidism.....

what questions would you ask your endo? Am trying to go armed with as much info as I can as well as optimum levels and what supplements i should be looking at and why - so - if anyone has any thoughts to add then Id welcome them please.

Im hypo have been for 18months and am still piling on the weight, still broken tired and still not feeling anywhere near human and it sucks

thanks all

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I hope you've researched this Endo or got his/her name from TUK.

Vitiligo seems quite common with hypo and is another autoimmune condition.

I wish you success in your appointment.


Yes he is off the list


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