Hi, I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and i am taking two 5mg of carbinazole a day and 80mg propananol ,( the doc has given me 12 diazapans 2mg to help ) but wont give me anymore because she says they are addictive. I am so anxious all day. i grit my teeth, clench fists my stomach is in knots i am so on edge i feel like i am gonna snap, i have lost 8 pound in weight in 2 weeks as i have gone off all the food and drinks i used to like. does this sound familiar to someone who could give me any idea what i can do to calm down etc

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  • What are your levels ? yes doctor's love to say valium is adictive but you need some thing to calm you down till your levels are near normal , I felt like you , felt like i was going to snap but i was able to get valium with that and the help of mindfulness I am able to just about cope . Remember they can give you valium for 3 months a low dose maybe 6mg a day , and you wont be addicted

  • I dont know my levels. someone told me to ask for a print out from the docs, i had blood tests last week so i am gonna ask for them and put them on here as i havent a clue how to understand them. Its this awlful anxiety i cant cope with. i pace the floor most of the day and cant concentrate on anything, i feel like am going mad

  • I know , its terrible , I bet you cant read , think stright or remember anything its called Brain Fog , do you tremble in side? and do your hands shake , the list is endless , propananol some times helps but if its not you need valium , you need to know your levels also ? I understand that the doctors tell you nothing at all and leave you to it , but anxiety alone is horrible with out all the other syptoms your getting , I have to fight all the time to get my doctor to listen to me , Importantly I wonder if your under treated on carb , when is your next blood test ? when you get the results of your blood tests always ask for your readings , it is very important that you understand them , you will soon learn , how long have you had it for ? I do hope you feel better soon

  • I had blood test 5 days ago so going to make another appointment to get the results .I tremble inside most of the day I have had a shaking hand for about 2 years but they took no notice .you mentioned brain fog .. I have been a bit forgetful lately but didn't think.much of it....do you think if I ask for that radioiodine capsule it would get rid of all this anxiety. ..this is so not me as usually I am always on the go but this has knocked me for six

  • Hi you need to know your levels and what the cause of your hyper is. If you have Graves' disease then there are reasons why you shouldn't have RAI. 10mg of carbimazole is not a very high dose if you are very hyper. The anxiety should settle when your levels get back within range, that could take anything up to three months. I am 10 months into my hyper graves journey, it's a roller coaster ride. I now know when something is off as my anxiety comes back big time. My best advice would be to get print out of your levels and post on here with ranges used as they can differ from area to area and rest as much as you can. Try to avoid processed and junk food and anything which contains a large amount of iodine such as fish

  • i have just put some results on here that i have just got but sorry i dont know what they mean

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