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Anyone given up dairy? I feel rotten dont know if it's becasue of not drinking milk

Hi guys,

I decided to give up milk and I'm on day 3. I feel rotten. Nauseous, dizzy, achy and odd stomach pains. It's the only thing I have changed in the last few days. The thing is I haven't completely given it up. I have had some cheddar cheese but I normally have milk in the morning at Breakfast. Yoghurt twice a day and milk at night before I go to bed. I would get up in the night and drink some too. So just seeing if anyone has had the same from given up milk?


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I gave up on dairy about 10 years ago as it gave me panic attacks. I can sometimes consume a bit but too much causes a huge flare up and panic attacks.


There is an awful flu type bug/ virus going around which I have had the pleasure of for the last 9 days. Much better now but your symptoms are consistent. Mine started with a raging sore throat though.

Just a thought......


Sometimes when you give up a food group you can feel worse for a few days as your body gets rid of the "toxins" in that food. If you haven't got a stomach bug then persist with eliminating and hopefully after a week or so you will begin to feel better.

Milk when you have a stomach bug is not a good idea anyway.

Hope you soon feel a bit better.


Have you also reduced how much tea/coffee you're drinking? It might be caffeine withdrawal....

Just a thought.


The symptoms you describe sounds like the "die off" effect, and is a sign that you are wise to give up dairy. As I understand it some people have an overgrowth of yeasts that feed on the dairy (and sugar), if you starve them of the dairy they die, and so release their toxins into the body, making you feel worse in the short term.


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