tsh and t4 discussion with my doc.. parlez vous anglais?

off to the docs now.. have got half way thru sttm and its AMAZING... everything i have been saying to myself all along... tsh and t4 testing alone is a load of hmm hmmmmm, rubbish!

Now all i have to do is climb that huuuuuge thyroid ignorant mountain that seemingly 'most' docs have... i am 'normal' yet screamingly hypo!

here we go ... new doc, new day,,,, place your bets please as to whether i get taken seriously!

will let u know how i go ....

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You will be told to stop using the internet and ignore everything and STOP READING - "after all I have studied for years to be a doctor" and I know best.

So you can ask him how many clinical symptoms can be due to hypothyroidism (300+) - don't tell him that :) and he will probably say symptoms don't matter as the 'wonderful' TSH is the perfect way to diagnose/treat. You will then say, so what's your explanation about my situation? Perfect TSH and a myriad of symptoms which theoretically should have disappeared.

However, you might get the rare satisfactory consultation where ideas you've read about can be put into action!

spot on .... oh , and noooh,, its fibromyalgia.. or chronic fatigue syndrome.? she then asked why i thought it was my thyroid? i got up and went to leave... she sat me down n listened, n i got to change my endo n finally get a t3 test, n others... but she said my eye problems were another problem.. not thyroid... erm... so u never heard of TED then? christ almighty i want to screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam! told her about the sttm book... she said, 'is it american?' n shoved it to the side....she said she was worried my expectations were too high? wtf? i said, well all i expect is to be well again n not go bald! am fuuuuuuuuuuuuming!

Keep calm - impossible I know. Thankfully we don't need them to do any ops as I doubt they know where the thyroid gland is situated (oh - maybe :) ) but they certainly don't know what its function is.

Tell her you are now a member of Healthunlocked Thyroiduk.org who are NHS choices for information and help re thyroid gland dysfunctions and that you've asked questions and received answers.

It is a Free T3 blood test you need not T3. and there's an explanation of why in this link:


They have been told to only make a diagnosis when TSH is 10 and to prescribe levothyroxine, get bloods in range and patient is fine. - Wrong.

she asked where i was getting my information, so i said from books, from internet , from other peoples experiences and she just tutted... so annoying... so i have had to fight hard to get the t3 test , will it not be as good as the free t3 test? am still learning... also, i was wondering about rt3... i get bogged down at times x

Good luck martine,

I too will be treading the same path in a few weeks once i've had my new bloods done. I am absolutely dreading it! I will let you know how i get on, but suspect i know the response i will get 👎🏻

is there any place we can go for this injustice? or do we just have to make do because we cant go private?

Join Thyroiduk.org.uk as a member £20 per annum plus quarterly magazines. We also have a Conference every few years and campaigns going. Details from below:


i will do... are they open minded like on here ? its very difficult to carry on sometimes when you come out the doctors surgery feeling worse than when you went in .. i shall defo join thanx

Thyroid UK are a charity - they run this forum that we are posting on. They are not doctors and they don't treat people. What they do is campaign for patients to get better thyroid treatment.

Thyroid UK also has a website :


The site is very well worth checking out.

Did you get you levels of Vitamin D, B12, folate, ferratin and both antibodies yet? As per previous postings?

All thyroid hormones, our own, or Levo, or NDT need these to be at good (not just average) levels for hormones to be able to work.

Gluten free diet really can help too with Hashimoto's

i have had new ones done today... including some tests for resistance ? i really stood my ground but its left a nasty taste in my mouth..

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