Betaine with pepsin - how long to work?

Hi again all - I was recently diagnosed with silent reflux and prescribed Omaprozal, which I took for a couple of days and made my entire body feel more acidic than I have ever known (I hadn't actually had any feelings of acid, just the sore throats from the reflux).

I started Betaine with pepsin yesterday and am finding the acid feeling in my body which had started to abate after I stopped Omaprazole has come back. Do I persist or would you guys advising stopping altogether? I did also buy some apple cider vinegar so wonder if that would be better to start off with?

Thanks as ever for your help! :o)

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  • Vicky,

    Many mistake low stomach acid for high. Betaine is supposed to replace the missing gastric acid and also hopefully encourage your own secretion.

    You should keep taking until you feel that warm glow which means you have enough. If you over do it, you can mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda in 8oz of water and drink to reduce acidity.

    If Betaine is too strong for you, apple cider vinegar or even lemon juice will have the same effect, just much lesser strength.

    I have been supplementing high dose Betaine for over a year and have absolutely no improvement in my own gut secretion but have found gut absorption issues and candida have resolved. I also put Balsamic Vinegar on everything coz I love it.

    Don't supplement Betaine with NSAIDS or a stomach ulcer.


    Betaine & Pepsin

  • Thanks Radd. I'm just a bit concerned as I've only taken 1 tablet each meal! :)

  • Vicky,

    It took me a few days to get used to Betaine as I was so unknowingly deficient. Keep trying and if you are still too acidic, switch to ACV.

    You can take it in warm water with honey just before or during a protein meal. Some advocate digestive bitters but i haven't used these.


  • My daughter suffered from severe reflux for many months and this has improved dramatically by taking ACV in water before meals and Viridian Digestion Aid during meals.

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