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I logged on this evening intending to ask for views and support about how I'm feeling (crying at the time). The heading that i looked at was "giving up" because that's how I was feeling. Thank you, so much, for all the replies to that particular post.I hope that it helped her. It certainly helped me indirectly. Such support! I'm tired and fed up, but I feel less alone.

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  • Hi looselywoven,

    I'm so glad that you found support on here and feel better. I don't know where I would be without health unlocked. Take care. :-)

  • M🌹X

  • that's exactly the support that I had from the good people on this site when I was trying to steer my lady through her journey called thyroid disease ..... since then I have checked/trawled , and sometimes commented /helped others with their own personal posts [ and hopefully helped in some way -- even if only empathy ] in my own small way ...... this site has been an absolute heaven for us and I will always try to support it for what it has done for us and others ......we are not alone !!!!! .... long may it reign

  • You are never alone in your struggle on here. Lots of fantastic supportive people, all dealing with their own illness, but willing to help others. Glad you found it helped you. MariLiz

  • I think it's wonderful to know that you aren't alone and there is always someone here to listen and give good advice. I've had a problem for many many years but it's only relatively recently that I've come across things I've never been told about before and found that they work for me. It's also been a good confidence booster in that I finally felt able to make my mind up with what/where I wanted to go next on my journey. God bless you all from the admins down to the newly diagnosed for sharing your knowledge, worries and theories. It makes us all stronger given time.

  • It's good to hear you feel supported 😀 This site and the people on it have given me the strength and support to keep fighting.

  • Well i only joined a few days ago have had my depressed spirits lifted no end thankyou .ive booked my tests for next tuesday quiet a few as i really need to see whats going on .i dont think ill find what im looking for but its a new route that i havent been down .i wont be easy i know but the support on hear is amazing so that is such a relief .to know that someone tskes me seriously foe a start and its not in my head thanks will post my results as i get them

  • Stay with us ... Get strong and get well ... Magic


  • There is always someone around to help day or night because we are an international bunch. Don't ever feel alone, when the tears swell in your eyes simply tell us how you feel, most of us will have been in your shoes so perhaps we can help.

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