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Could anyone please tell me if there is an Internet Pharmacy in UK where I can get a NHS prescription for Aliud Levothyroxine filled. This prescription can be sent electronically to a Pharmacy 15 miles away at the moment, but I have to go and collect it manually. This is great when I am able to do this, but am worried if at some stage I am not able to do this.

Please answer by PM as am not sure of guidelines on this.

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  • J_Bee,

    Any high street pharmacy should be able to source Aliud for you. There are online pharmacies here

  • Hi Clutter, I have tried all four in my local town and no-one can seem to get it. At the moment I have some on order via Tollesbury Pharmacy. Thanks for information.

  • The NHS has a list of on-line pharmacies:

    I guess that finding one willing to be helpful and order Aliud will take a brute force approach - start somewhere and keeping ploughing through until you get the response you want and need. :-)

  • Hi Helvella, Thanks for this information. I had already looked at this list and found it rather daunting, hence my request, but I guess I will have to go down the long slow road to ringing around.

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