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Hi I've got my second appointment with an Endo next week she is totally useless and has no idea how to treat hypothyroidism she was rude and partrozing and made me feel like I'm far lazy and to old to bother with. Can any one direct me to so info I can print out so I can give to her about t3 and how hypothyroidism/hashimoto should be treated. My TPO was over a 1000 but she completely ignored it and even said that I should never have been treated even though I has all the classic symptoms. I asked about t3 and it was almost like I just asked her to empty her bank account and give me the money. Thank for your help

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Emidjemal, I have read that suppressive doses of T4 can help reduce antibodies but I don't have research that you can cite. Many Hashi sufferers have found a gluten-free diet can also reduce antibodies. If your FT3 is low there is research citing T4 monotherapy isn't adequate and T4+T3 combination can be beneficial eje-online.org/content/161/...

Thanks Clutter I'm already on a gluten dairy soy and grain free diet. I font think that article will help although I didn't read all of it it came across like t3 was of no beneifit don't think it will convince the cow of any thing

I didn't read it that way, Emidjemal. Try this nahypothyroidism.org/the-t4...

Thanks Clutter I'll read it again and read this one as well. I'll print them out. Even though im on t3 and feeling a hundred times better my comcertration is still not great x

You might find this page helpful :


Thanks I'll look through it

Just downloaded it. Thx :)

You are not alone Emid. That is basically what this forum is all about; the fact is that the doctors are ignoring all the research that has been done in the past twenty years. Personally, they should just go back to the early 20th century when everyone with low thyroid symptoms was given pig thyroid and did quite well. Some of us have dispensed with Endos and just obtained our own T3. It's a lot less hassle and less sickening.

I agree I am self medicating and feeling much better but it would be mice if I could get my GPS and endos support but some how I don't think so. She didn't even do a scan to see what's going on with my thryoid

Yes, that would be ideal! But you can get people who care and want to help you right here. Don't be concerned about how the NHS operates (actually all medical establishments) and educate yourself about this condition. You can be your own physician since your body will respond one way or another on your treatment.

Why bother seeing her again? What's the point of becoming stressed by her lack of knowledge? Can you not get the Endo list from Louise and see someone from that?

If you are considering a private consultation, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org who has a list of NHS Endos and private doctors.

This is a scientific paper and Dr Lowe, who was also an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org had an accidental death two years ago which leaves us without another spokesman. The Endocrinologists appear to pay no attention, as far as I can see on Research. I think it's just usually filed away and they don't want to enrich their knowledge but just 'keep to guidelines which are very out of date anyway and which keep many of us ill, or develop other more serious diseases. Maybe post this to your Endo as she can then either dispose of it or gain a little knowledge. She wouldn't be able to discuss it with you during an appointment. :-



Thank you all it still makes me emotional that there are so many caring and understanding people here who are prepared to give their time x

Endo spelled backwards is idiot ..lol :) I hear ya Emi ..what a twit !!

Lol x


Omg I'm still in shock. I saw a different Endo the silly cow was not there He listened to every thing I didn't need to show him any research. I told him I'm self medicating and why and how I was dismissed by the other endo. I was in his office for half an hour and he's agreed to prescribe t3 I can not believe it :))))))))))

Em that is great news..just keep on pluggin..lol :) X

Thank you I got lucky :))))))) and of course there was "me" the evidence to back it up

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