Thyroid blood tests

Hi, can anybody recommend a thyroid blood test where bloods are done for you please? I've done blue horizon but yesterday had to travel from Chester to Crewe and it was the journey from hell as the hospital is miles away from the train station or anywhere. It took me all day. I just can't see myself doing this every 6 months. I don't drive so have to rely on public transport. I cannot do the finger prick as I am too much of a wimp. The actual bloods being taken was great and I didn't feel a thing but need to find somewhere nearer to chester to do this. Or easier to get to.

Thank you


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  • Have you asked your GP practice nurse if they will take the blood? My GP nurse won't but a neighbouring practice will, so might be worth asking. Good luck xx

  • Hi yes I asked and also asked at the blood room at our local hospital they both said no also. There is a bupa hospital here and they said they wouldn't do it even for a fee. So at a bit of a loss.

  • KatieKatie,

    There is phlebotomist service in this link It may be worth Googling "Phlebotomy" to see whether there is anything local to you.

  • Thank you Clutter ☺

  • The finger prick test is easy and painless, honestly! You don't see ant needle, it's hidden and you just press a button and it pricks your finger, it's so quick and you will be concentrating on squeezing the blood out instead and filling the container. Do thi k about it. :-)

  • I was sent the finger prick test and just couldn't do it haha! Might get my husband to do it for me though he said he would. He'd probably enjoy it 😃

  • I hope he can, as it's so much more convenient. The things we do for love! :-)

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