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Advice on latest results

June 28/16

TSH. 0.63 (.20-4.00)

FT4. 11.6 (9.0-23.0)

FT3. 4.4 (3.5-6.5)

Feeling well, the last symptom to go was joint pain which resolved with last increase. On Efra 75mg now or 1 1/4 grain.

May 17/16

TSH. 1.90. (.20-4.00)

FT4. 11.1. (9.0-23.0)

FT3. 4.8. (3.5-6.5)

The last raise was 1/4 grain two weeks prior to testing. My question is really, when should I stop raising and hold for a longer amount of time? I started NDT at 1/4 grain and have raised at two week intervals so far, almost 4 weeks on current dose.

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They look great results and more importantly you're feeling good! Optimal results on NDT is:


FT4 mid range (16)

FT3 top quarter (6)

So you could go a little higher on your dosing and see if you could hit those magic numbers?

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Was actually thinking about adding another 1/4 grain but I'm afraid to be under range for TSH in case my doctor has issues with that.


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